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Pros and Cons of Online Dating in 2024

Online dating can be an absolute minefield. From dodging the psycho’s online to blocking the unsolicited photos you keep receiving.

Once in a while, you do hear the occasional success story of the couple that met online and are now married with two kids, a dog, and lives in a cute cottage in the Cotswolds.

It is important to recognize that online dating isn’t for everyone, and if that’s the case, fear not as online dating mag Dating Smartz, has all the dating advice you need if you choose to go down the more ‘traditional’ route.

But back to online dating,  I’m here to talk you through the pros and cons of dating online, and to your benefit, I found more pros than cons!

Pro: Everyone is in the same boat

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The best thing about online dating is that everyone is there for the same reason, to meet someone. You’ll get the one or two time-wasters that are pretty easy to suss out, but most people that have signed up to online dating apps are there to meet someone that can develop into a hopeful relationship. So the chances of someone wasting your time are very slim!

Con: The psychos and weirdos

It is inevitable that you will come across the occasional weirdo that drops those unwanted cheesy one-liners or make unwanted requests. Just accept that it will happen, and just block and delete.

Pro: The choice

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There is a very wide pool of people to choose from, especially with the increasing number of apps to download. You can sometimes feel spoilt for choice!

If you’re seeking something more meaningful, there are specialized dating sites catering to a wide range of interests and lifestyles. If you are into more casual relationships, check OFL’s list of one night stand sites and connect with someone who shares your unique interests and values.

Con: It can be exhaustingly long

Flicking through hundreds of dating profiles can sometimes begin to feel tedious and exhausting. It can start to take up a big chunk of your day and be quite straining on your eyes. Learn to limit yourself and take a break if you start to feel too tired, those apps are there whenever you’re ready to open them again.

Pro: It’s cheap

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Unlike going out for dinner, or booking a ‘fun’ activity, getting to know someone online is pretty cost-effective. It gives you the chance to chat with someone and figure out if you’d actually like to meet up in person, without spending a penny.

Con: Ghosting

Avoiding someone online or as we call it these days ‘ghosting’, is a lot easier to do behind a screen, especially if you have never met the person before. In many ways, this is the least of your concerns. In some ways, it’s your biggest fear. There’s a strange desire in online dating to do something new — to do something that doesn’t already happen. In the online world, it’s not uncommon to find people who seem drawn to each other in ways you couldn’t have even imagined a couple of months earlier.

Pro: It’s super convenient

The beauty of online dating is that you can do it anywhere at any time. Whether that be on your commute to work, in bed after a long day, or on the toilet, you can fit in into your day to best suit your schedule. This makes meeting and chatting to someone easier than ever, and you don’t even need to worry about brushing your hair or having a full face of make-up!

Con: It’s become more complicated to meet people

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Before, you had one-on-one contact with a potential date, and your date walked out of your house. Now you can call up a business and schedule a meet up with someone you’ve never met before.

Con: High risk of rejection.

Online dating sites have a high risk of rejection. However, you need to test the waters and see how long your potential dates stay interested, your prospects are improving, and a date endures. Don’t get frustrated, you are just learning and moving through the process.

Pro: No No-Fault Rules on what you can and can’t do.

Online dating sites are based on their own set of rules and you will probably have to follow them. There are no no-fault rules like in real life. Before you accept a date, review his or her profile, profile picture, and other details and decide what you want to do and what not.

My final thoughts

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Online dating is an exciting topic, but if you’re looking to get out of the boring mundane dating part, the road is a little bumpy. In fact, there are a lot of pitfalls. We talked about how to get a partner in real life, but online dating isn’t as much fun, and with less happiness in sight, the potential pitfalls of online dating are too large to ignore.

If you’re new to online dating, some of the potential dangers will sound familiar. Online dating websites are easy to use, but they can be difficult to navigate, and it’s often difficult to make true connections on an online dating site. When you’re looking for a love connection, be sure to take the time to get to know people on your own, and build confidence before starting your search.

Furthermore, there are several downsides to using a single dating site. Because online dating platforms often rely on the same data and pieces of information that are offered on in-person dating sites, you can end up with people that you’ve met online and just never hooked up with in real life.

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