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The Most Common Scam Schemes in Online Dating 

Online dating is great and convenient, yet everything that involves emotions also involves people’s fears, anxieties, and inability to think straight. And thus, online dating scams have been around for a long time, and if you are not familiar with the most common of such schemes, then this article will surely be useful for you.

A gift with delivery

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You will encounter a handsome person that will bombard you with compliments, praises, and will tell you of their unquenchable love for you. All of it will make you quite dizzy, maybe you should respond in kind? Well, no. One day they will tell you that they’ve sent an expensive your way, yet there is some issue involved, you need to pay the customs duty, and it is urgent. They will then ask you to pay for it by transferring some of your money to their account, they will definitely return the money in a few days. However, once they get their money they will disappear as if they were never there.

There is another variation of the scam – you need to pay some money to a courier that is going to deliver a gift to your door. Only according to the rules of the company, you can open the box only after paying for the gift. The box will turn out to be empty. And both the courier and the person that showered you with love will disappear forever.

Why are people being fooled by this scam? Because the amount for delivery is relatively small – maybe around 10-15 bucks, absolutely nothing compared to the cost of a laptop or a smartphone. Meanwhile, having deceived 10 girls, the fraudster will earn around 100-150 bucks.

What to do

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In order not to fall for this scheme, remember, nothing is free in this world.

Take off the pink glasses. Understand at last that there are no fairy tales. Think logically: would you give a laptop or other expensive thing to someone you have never seen in your life? Obviously not! And if a stranger wants to make a luxurious gift, this should not please but rather alarm you. Also, there are some sites that are well-protected and secure.

Urgent help

The beginning of this scheme is the same – you encounter a nice looking person that starts bombarding you with compliments; however, the end goal is different. After some lengthy communication, they will then, all of a sudden, inform you that they’ve found themselves in deep trouble. They are in a hospital, they were kidnapped, or they’ve lost their wallet, and they need to pay for the taxi. Of course, after you transfer the money – they will disappear from your life right there on the spot.

What to do

Never transfer money to unfamiliar people! Do not torment yourself with doubts; there are no fairy tales, and that person just wants to get your money.


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On dating sites, many are looking for an affair for the night and relationships without obligations, but more often – they want to have some adult fun in the virtual world. And if found yourself in the trap of a scam artist – it can be quite expensive for you. As a rule, either inexperienced girls or gullible guys fall for such scams. Such scammers like newcomers to dating sites and countrywomen. The first group often does not show caution, while the latter is ready to give any money in order to avoid shame.

First, the fraudster will gain your confidence, and then offer you to exchange some intimate photos with each other. But if you do decide to fool around in front of the camera or send intimate pictures to each other, the blackmail will begin. The swindler will threaten you that they will upload a video or photos to porn sites, send them to your friends on social networks or do anything else that can damage your reputation. Do you want to avoid shame? Transfer some money to the blackmailer. And such blackmailers will demand some huge money for their silence.

What to do

If you do not want to become a victim of a blackmailer, do not do anything that could compromise you. Especially when it comes to intimate and nude photos and videos.

Moreover, you must understand that the intimate videos and photos that are on the phone, PC, and any other device can be stolen by hackers. And if you sent an intimate photo to a stranger, then you should be mentally prepared to become a celebrity.

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