How Big Is The Adult Toys Market In 2024

The sex toy is a device designed to provide an erotic experience and is designed to meet the needs of the end-user. However, when it comes to this industry, not everything is so simple. Why is this topic still taboo, even though the first device of this type was made back in 1700? Why do people approach erotic literature and filmography in a completely relaxed way, and feel uncomfortable when entering a sex shop and choosing toys? They often decide to buy online, which provides them with the necessary privacy, but many still decide to visit a sex shop to check if the product is the right shape, size, and material.

However, what we can notice is that this industry is developing every day, and many believe that the famous movie “50 Shades of Gray” also contributed to the demolition of the prejudice against the use of sex toys. In some countries, such as Denmark, sex toy sales doubled during the corona. So, we are slowly but surely pushing the boundaries.

Sex toys are fun. Most couples get bored of their sex lives at some point. Sexy toys can give a little boost to a relationship and help keep things from becoming monotonous. If you use sex toys together, you can get closer because the shared experience of a new experience is very intimate. In addition to personal satisfaction, these toys are also exceptional tools to explore your own sexuality, discover what you like or dislike, but they also provide valuable information about your partner, first hand. Whether you let your partner explore on her own with a masturbation toy, or use the toy to boost joint stimulation, you will certainly learn more about yourself and her and most likely raise your sexual relationships to a higher level. Involving the use of sexual aids with your partner can be a fun, positive experience that will contribute to greater intimacy.


The sex industry is definitely one of the leaders in the world. For the sex market, there are only estimates, one of which predicts that the production and sale of “adult toys” in the world will reach a value of 50 billion dollars by 2024. The current value of the “adult film” industry is estimated at about 97 billion dollars, and since the drug against erectile dysfunction “Viagra” just celebrated its twentieth birthday, it is worth mentioning that its manufacturer, the American pharmaceutical company “Pfizer”, has achieved every year profit of $ 1.5 billion. Why do we mention adult movies? Precisely because they are closely related to the production of adult toys. The popularity of films affects the growth of another industry – the equipment industry, or everything you can see on the shelves in sex shops: toys and accessories to stimulate and imitate “natural equipment”, items for decoration and fantasy, fashion details such as uniforms or various costumes, books, magazines, paintings.


If we were to ask ourselves which sex toys are the most popular, we would say that it depends on the individual. However, speaking globally, women most often opt for a vibrator, Japanese balls, and various lubricants. Many couples spice up their sex lives with handcuffs, whips, and a variety of challenging costumes. When we talk about men, we prefer a vibrating ring and inflatable dolls. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that classic, huge doll. Today, torso versions have been made that you can see here, which are very practical even when you go on a trip.

Experienced people say that anyone who has once discovered the pleasure of playing with sex toys will never want to do without them again and will always want to explore something new.

By the way, the use of vibrators and other sexual ones in women also has one specific feature that most men have never observed in that way. Namely, using these gadgets, a good part of women can relax much more, since there is no need to explain to their partner what and how she likes, with what intensity, strength or speed – she can adjust everything to her own needs. In a fit of passion, a person knows how to reach for his favorite aid and increase his pleasure with it.


Using adult toys is just as much fun if you are alone or use them with a partner. Moreover, it is believed that they often bring partners closer and ignite an old passion. However, it is important to talk about it in advance, because there are still people who are abusive about their use, which negatively affects their libido. It has also been proven that people who use toys intensively can rarely reach orgasm without them.

A lot of people want to try a sex toy, but they are shy about it. Many already use them in private but are afraid that their partner will not accept them. Either way, it’s a word, relax and give it a try. What do we tell you that it has been scientifically proven that orgasms are more intense and longer, sex is better? What is important is to convince your partner that everything is fine with your sexual intercourse. The most important thing is to present things to him in a positive light – a vibrator is not a replacement, but help and additional spice.

The attitudes of 21st-century societies have influenced the direction of technology development and media expansion. Compared to the not-so-distant past, the need to inform people reaches enviable levels. Namely, a topic that was perceived in the past as explicit and scandalous, and which was not openly discussed, today fills rare newspapers and makes the main interest of the general public. One of the fundamental components of the entertainment industry is sex. Namely, the sex industry exists always, but its representation in the media strengthens over time. It is an undeniable fact that sex sales, so with money and violence, is one of the main media ingredients that make a profit.

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