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How to Choose the best Material for your Window Frames

Picking the right materials for your window frames is just as important as picking the style of the windows, their insulation, the glass, and all the other things when it comes to renovating or building a house or an apartment.

Naturally, the highest quality materials for a window will cost you a fortune, especially if you have dozens of them in your home. They might cost you a fortune, but you will at least have a bit of peace of mind that they will never have any leakage from water or air. You will actually save more money if you invest more in this area. The cost-effectiveness of heating and cooling your home will be much better which means that you will repay the cost of the materials in several months or in a few years.

If you decide to go with a cheaper material then you might end up with frames that will leak hot air during the summer season and cold air during the winter season. Cooling and heating your home will be much more difficult which will ultimately lead to high energy bills. This is why we recommend that you should choose the highest quality of material you can find (if you can afford it).

You should also know that the glass panes you pick are also an important factor when it comes to keeping the cold or the warmth inside of your home. If you go with just one pane, the insulation will be pretty weak. Going with a triple planed glass, you will have the best insulation possible.

Here are some tips regarding window frame materials to help you come to a decision.

Modern windows are very energy efficient

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The truth is that any modern window you pick will be much better than traditional ones that were a standard ten or twenty years ago. Their energy efficiency was unimaginable just two decades ago. Not only are they better, but they are even cheaper to install because they are much more durable. The glass is not as thin and easy to shatter which means the contractors have a much easier time handling them, although they can be a bit on the heavy side.

If you choose the right parts, you might reduce your expenses for cooling or heating your home up to 50%.

What is even more interesting is that these modern windows keep on advancing which means we will probably see even more energy efficiency in the future. If you are looking for energy-efficient windows, check out Dempsey Dyer.


Not only are they durable and very efficient, but they can also be customized in any way you want. You can do them in any form you want, you can paint the frame in any color you want or you could leave it blank and it would still look great in your home. It all comes down to your taste.

How to choose the right material

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Now that we have given you a bit of insight into modern windows, here are some things you should consider before picking which material you should use.

  • Location

The most important factor you should consider is your home’s location. The climate zone you are in will heavily influence how the frames will perform. If you decide to put wooden framing in a climate zone with very high humidity, they may start to crack or mold may start growing. This can affect the frame’s structural integrity which is definitely not something that you want to happen.

  • Design

When renovating your home or building a brand new house you shouldn’t just focus on its cost-effectiveness. You will be living in this place for who knows how many years, so making it as comfortable as possible and easy on the eyes is important too. The frames will need to match the design of your home. You can’t pick aluminum frames if your house is full of wooden elements such as walls, pillars and so on. You will need to create a balance between effectiveness and design.

  • Budget

Wood may be the best-looking material out of the bunch, but it is also the most expensive one you can pick. The budget you have created should also influence your purchase. You can’t pick the most expensive things if your budget can’t support your decisions.


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Wooden window frames are a very good option because they are beautiful but they also provide you with great insulation. They will keep both the heat and cold outside.

Keep in mind, wood is not always the best option, because it is not very resistant to humidity and rain. Too much rain and very high humidity can damage them, so if you live in such a climate zone, you should consider some other material.

We should also mention that wood is quite more expensive than all the other choices available.


Aluminum is affordable and requires almost no maintenance which makes them a great option for those that do not have a lot of money and time to dedicate to window frames. They do not have the best insulating properties because the metal can conduct the heat from outside into your home and it may start condensing during the winter season.


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Another inexpensive option that requires low maintenance. It can be made into any size you want and in any color, you can think of.

Unfortunately, vinyl does have one big drawback. If the summers in your area are too hot, the vinyl might start warping and lose its original shape which could lead to more problems.


Fiberglass offers the best thermal resistance possible and it is very durable. There aren’t any downsides regarding this material, but it can get quite expensive, especially if you plan on making every single window frame in your house from fiberglass.


Composite is a mix of products and some wood byproducts. The pricing of composite is fair, its thermal resistance is excellent and it has a wood-like appearance.

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