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7 reasons Why yearly HVAC Maintenance is Important

A life without HVAC systems is almost unimaginable these days. No way to cool yourself throughout the hot summer days is probably not something that you want. Almost every company has this kind of ventilation installed in their office building. It helps maintain an average temperature so the employees can feel comfortable which leads to efficient working.

However, without investing time and money into the maintenance of your HVAC system, it could quickly start performing worse and may even completely stop working. If you do not want to find yourself in the summer season with no way of cooling your home or your office, you should definitely do maintenance at least once a year.

If you are still not sure why you should do yearly maintenance of your HVAC, here are some of the reasons that may dissuade you.


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A lot of AC manufacturers will provide you with a guide on how to properly use the unit. You will need to follow this guide thoroughly, otherwise, the company you have bought from might cancel your warranty even if you have a te-year plan for it.

You might be wondering how they can find out whether you have been following their rules and their guidance. Well, if you ask for a replacement, they will send a technician that will analyze the system to determine whether it can be fixed, whether it should be returned or whether it is your fault that it has stopped working. Depending on how long you have been using the HVAC unit, the technician can easily see whether you have been taking care of it.

So, if you do not want to void your warranty, we recommend that you do maintenance at least once a year.

Avoid expensive repairs

Repairs are never free, but there are several things you could do to reduce the costs of those repairs. Why should you pay hundreds of dollars for your HVAC when a crucial part needs to be replaced when you can prevent the part from ever breaking? If you clean the system often, most parts will stay in pristine shape and will never break down. If you leave dust and debris to accumulate, the filter may start clogging up which will lead to crucial parts breaking down.

Studies have shown that almost 90% of AC breakdowns are because they haven’t been properly maintained.

Improved air quality

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The health of your employees and your family should always be your priority. It doesn’t matter how much money you will need to spend if it will ensure their health.

Well, by keeping your HVAC in good shape, you will reduce the number of pollutants that may enter your home or your offices. But, if you do not clean it frequently, dust and bacteria might start circulating inside of the air ducts. This can cause all kinds of diseases and trigger allergies.

Studies have shown that air may be at least five times worse inside when an HVAC’s ventilation system has not been maintained in a long time.

This is why it is so important to ensure that the filter inside of the system is always clear of any kind of dust, dirt or debris.

Reduce your energy bills

Every air conditioner has its own efficiency rating. Some can be very efficient, others, not as much. However, even the one that is very efficient can become an energy hog after a certain amount of time. The less you take care of it, the more it will become filled with all kinds of debris that will reduce its ability to heat up or cool. Because it has lost its ability to efficiently cool or heat the air, you will need to keep it on longer than usual.

This can lead to very high energy bills. The longer you leave it in such a state, the bigger the energy bills will be. So, if you want to return your HVAC’s efficiency, you should call professional services which you can find at happyhiller.

Prolonged HVAC lifespan

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The lifespan of HVAC systems depends on a lot of factors. On the quality of the materials used inside of it, whether it has been properly installed and many other things. But the most important factor is whether you properly take care of it.

By properly maintaining the AC system, not only will you prolong its lifespan, but it will be much more effective throughout its lifetime. It will heat and cool as good as it did the first day you bought it. Imagine like it is a car. The more frequently you change the oil and take it to your mechanic, the longer it will last.

So, pick up the phone and give a call to professional technicians that will clean up your entire ventilation system.

Smaller carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint on this world should be important to you, especially in these modern times. Everyone is aiming to be better regarding this matter, why shouldn’t you too? The less energy it consumes, the smaller your carbon footprint. This is especially important for companies because you can get taxed because of your pollution.

If you care about the world and if you do not want to pay any fines regarding this subject, you should definitely consider hiring someone to clean your HVAC ventilation.

Peace of mind

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There’s nothing better than having a peace of mind. Why should you give yourself unnecessary worries about whether your HVAC system will be working for this next summer? Nobody likes to leave their family or employees in an unbearable environment. Working in an office that is too hot to handle is simply impossible. Bad air quality can also have a bad impact on your workers.

Instead of stressing yourself about this kind of thing, you can just give a call to a professional HVAC cleaning company and they will do the hard work. Of course, you will still need to pay for these services out of your budget, but it is much better than losing employees.

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