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5 Most Famous US Gamblers of All Time

The 21st century is notable because of many reasons. We are not going to say everything in today’s world is perfect. However, there are many things out there that can make our life more entertaining.

You probably know a lot of people regularly using social media. That is one of the ways to have fun and recharge their batteries. Despite that, people often decide on using music streaming platforms to enjoy their free time. However, there is one option that is becoming more and more popular in all parts of the world. We are talking here about online gambling.

It is not a secret that virtual games are evolving every year. Some insights show the same trend will continue in 2024. There are many websites like NetBet where you can play games like roulette, slots, and other ones. Yet, that doesn’t mean that land-based casinos are no longer popular.

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The first association for a casino is probably Las Vegas. It is the town where you will find a significant number of casinos and a big number of experienced gamblers. Tourists worldwide come to this town to see some casinos that they could only see in movies. Logically, it is not the only place where American citizens and tourists can find the fun they are looking for.

The popularity of gambling in America is increasing and that is why we would like to talk about the most famous US gamblers of all time. Their stories will probably serve you as an inspiration and teach you how to have fun online and offline casinos. Of course, you will need luck and to invest a lot of time and effort to become a skilled player. Let’s find them out together the life stories of famous US gamblers:

Archi Karas

One of the most successful US gamblers comes from Greece. He decided on leaving Kefalonia and moving to the United States. Believe it or not, he had only $50 in his wallet when he arrived at his new home in Las Vegas. As we said, the most entertaining thing in Las Vegas is casinos, without any doubt. For only two years, Archi Karas managed to earn more than 40 million dollars.

This fantastic player was a big fan of games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. For those two years, he managed to achieve the goals of many passionate players. Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending. After two successful years, this guy managed to lose his fortune. That may be a message that all the people should remember. Despite that, the success he made is something we will talk about for many years.

Phil Ivey

A living legend and best poker player in the world deserves to in this list. How many people manage to win 20 million dollars on baccarat? Believe it or not, Phil managed to reach that goal after only two baccarat sessions. It is a success all the passionate players should admire.

Yet, we are sure his success was not a matter of luck. His ability to notice all the weaknesses of the baccarat allowed him to achieve the goal. Despite regular gambling, he was also successful at sports betting. That is the reason why he deserves to be a US gambling legend.

Bill Benter

There are many reasons why Bill Benter was the most famous US gambler during the 1980s. He developed a unique algorithm that brought him thousands of dollars. For instance, in 1996, he managed to win around $600 000 on horse racing. A few years later, he made about 3 million dollars in the same way because he was upgrading the algorithm he was using.

He is another guy from our list that start living in Last Vegas. The source of income that Benter had was different. For instance, for counting cards with Alan Woods, he was earning around 80 thousand dollars. Logically, hard work and knowledge improvement were the reasons why he succeeded. More precisely, he is considered the wealthiest US gambler of all time because he managed to make around 1 billion dollars on horse betting.

Chris Moneymaker

Chris indeed was a moneymaker thanks to his poker skills. The older poker enthusiasts probably remember his games at the 2003 World Series of Poker. However, his story associated with that tournament was fascinating. For instance, he managed to qualify for the tournaments because of the $39 buy-in satellite tournament with Poker Starts. In the end, he managed to win a price that had a value of 2.5 million dollars. Many people will agree he is the reason why poker became more popular across the entire USA.

Edward O. Thorp

The famous math genius born in 1932 in Chicago is one of the most famous blackjack players. Almost 50 years ago, he managed to master card counting. His favorite destinations for playing blackjack were Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas. After only one weekend, he managed to earn $11000 thanks to card counting. Logically, he didn’t plan to stop there.

Yet, how clever he confirmed that he used the same strategy for the stock market. His method allowed him to make around 800 million dollars for about 30 years of investing. Many gamblers, later, tried to use the same strategy and reach the goals they have. However, the casinos realized how the method functions, and not many people managed to achieve the same thing.

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