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Jogging Your Memory: Men’s Joggers

If there’s one thing that men can’t compromise on, it’s comfort. Men strive to be comfortable, whether it is their life or their clothes. With athleisure being in-trend, jeans and chinos have some major competition. And guess what is replacing the previously dominating style? Joggers! Originally designed for exercise, joggers have now become the prime option for any purpose. Joggers are versatile pants that can be worn with numerous outfits and styles. Style it with a sweatshirt, or a cool and colourful t-shirt, or any kind of jacket. You can even rock a pair of joggers with a shirt.

If you’re looking for bottom wear with style and comfort, then nothing can beat joggers. Since their introduction to the apparel world, joggers have taken the world by surprise. For long, people have worn only track pants in the name of full-length comfortable pants. But joggers, with their unique elastic band around the ankles, brought a breath of fresh air. Not only they are stylish, but they are super functional too. With the rising demands in athleisure wear, joggers have been in trend recently. In fact, it has become the must-have wardrobe element for every man out there. The close fit at the ankle is what makes joggers edgy.

Jog It Up With Joggers

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Initially, Joggers were all about sports and athletes. But things have changed and joggers are now the go-to choice for anyone who loves to sport the cool, casual look. A brunch date or a night out with the guys. Hitting the club or running errands, whatever it is your have to do – joggers fit right in with your plan. And have they stepped out of the gym in style! Five years ago, no one could have predicted that joggers could be paired with a blazer and find a place on the ramp, but it’s all happening now!

And how did it all begin? With Émile Camuset – a celebrated French designer and the man responsible for the brand Le Coq Sportif. He wasn’t a fan of bottom wear options available for men and wanted to experiment with designs and fabrics for it. That’s when he came up with the idea of making jogger pants more mainstream and we should thank him for it! Joggers are back in the fashion game and going stronger than ever now.

What Is It About Jogger Track Pants?

If you are one of those who view men’s joggers as a piece of clothing that is only casual and effortless, it’s time to update your fashion game. Jogger pants are not just sweatpants; they have evolved into a more sophisticated style which you can pull off with ease. Joggers have changed the fashion game to the extent that now clubs are revising their ‘no jogger pants’ policy! The active stretch feature in this track that further facilitates free movement and keeps you flexible. One of the side pockets has a zipper so you can keep your essentials safe. It also comes with a back pocket. The strong weave makes it easy to care and machine washable. These joggers for men are designed to give you a modern fit. To get your hands on these comfortable jogger pants, click here.

Styling It Up

Now that we are embracing comfort, we are going to wear joggers, every day, all day long. But if it is going to be our constant, we should know how to style it the right way, shouldn’t we? So, pull up your fashion game on and style your men’s joggers to slay. If you are one of those people who has always dreamt of going to work in comfortable clothing, the lockdown and 2024 has been nothing short of your dream come true.

When you talk about comfort and men’s clothing, it doesn’t get better than track pants. Easy to wear, they fit amazingly, and they’re unmatched in terms of comfort. The only issue, if any, is that they don’t conform to formal dressing norms.

We have some great news for you. You can actually find a pair of great-looking track pants that add character to smart casuals at work, fit the bill perfectly for a day outdoors, and even make for an amazing choice on a date! The Iron Man track pants are our strongest recommendations to help you make a statement.

Make It All Black

Getting dressed in all black is high end so why can’t we pull off this solid move in the street? This sophisticated look is never going out of trend. Also, when we head into cooler weather, it is essential to layer it up with best hoodies for men and that too in all black.
Pro-tip – Make sure your jogger pants are jet black and not faded because the latter one will give a lousy look to the entire look.

Cord (Jogger Track Pants) Suits

Yes, we know, this look was adorned by your PT teachers back in the day but not anymore. Now, it is about style and comfort at the same time. Tracksuits have been a classic and are now a favourite airport look with celebs. Just make sure you put on this suit at the right time. Lazy weekend at a friend’s place, catching a flight, after the gym, post office match or any other event that doesn’t require looking crisp in a bespoke suit can handle your casual outfit.

Checking In The Minimalism

Men have been avoiding this casual look because it is considered to suit the boys, but when done right, even men can make the jogger look fashion-forward. Choose a jogger made of good fabric and a classy fit over something with an OTT print. Pair it up with the best t-shirts for men and layer your basic look with an overcoat, a bomber jacket, a sweatshirt, or a biker jacket and voila! You’ve taken your jogger to look to the next level and how.

  • Pro-tip – If you are not sure about how to manage colours with all the layering here’s an idea. Try to contrast the second layer with the first one and stick to one colour for your jogger pants and t-shirt.

All Set? Let’s Go! Excited much with our jogger looks? Check out the complete range of joggers at Sporto. in and start creating your own jogger pant look today.

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