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What Type of Player Are You? Online Casino Reviews Help Mold Your Style

In it for the thrill? Maybe you gamble for the fun of it, or perhaps just to chat with fellow players. Whatever your style is, online casino reviews can help you harness it.

As technology soldiers on, and we begin to live our lives both more at home, and out in the world at large- digital frontiers have helped to shape the way we socialize. They also help us hone our crafts and indulge in our hobbies. Online casinos can offer an excellent alternative to brick and mortar establishments. But how do you replicate your favorite table at home?

By using an online casino review to help you find the best fit. Casino Genie, a review site that helps to give players a better look at online casinos before buying in, says that players should play to their strengths. So, find your style, then pick your optimum casino, with a little help of course.

According to Science, There Are 7 Styles

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Throughout the mid-twentieth century, Dr. Robert L Custer searched for a better way to treat and taxonomize problem gambling. He was one of the first medical professionals to dedicate his career to seeing that problem gambling be not only recognized but dealt with. In his work, he has described seven archetypes of gambling personalities.


The professional gambler is cool, calm, collected- and probably wearing some pretty cool shades. These players know just as much about casinos, dealers, and tables, as they know about statistics, odds, and off the cuff mathematics. Professional gamblers are the ones you see on television, but rarely on the casino floor itself. The professionals don’t waste time, going straight to the most trusted online gambling reviews before spending a cent on a website.


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Conservative gamblers are basically your grandmother. The sweet player that’s in it to have a good time, not necessarily win millions. Conservative players usually gravitate towards online casinos that have good player rewards programs and games that don’t cost too much. This player archetype usually doesn’t fuss too much about the fine details, instead gravitating towards the games that they find most entertaining. While they don’t spend much, and rarely win huge amounts- when the conservative gambler does pull a W, they tend to leave the table.


Escapists use gambling like a nice cocktail, a small reprieve from whatever it is that life is currently throwing at them. Online gambling is a way to have a fun and immersive experience that is well outside of the bounds of their daily lives. These users rarely turn towards online gambling reviews, instead, they usually pick a nice casino site and just kickback. Rarely choosing between their comfortable spot and one that has better offers. This is large because for escapists, it’s not really about winning or losing, but really just blowing off some steam.

Casual Socialites

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The casual social gambler is in it for the chat. They love to strike up a conversation with their fellow table mates and rarely pay much attention to anything else. These players aren’t in it for the notoriety or the money, more so just to have someone to talk to. For them, gambling is a nice little occasion to get dressed up or leave the monotony of their comfort zone at home. They’re often comfortable financially and can be seen at any number of tables and playing for all kinds of stakes. They also have a tendency to walk away from the casino if some other social event hits their calendar. Happily flitting from one fun social event to the next.

Serious Socialites

This player is your movie star, rap artist, and high roller. They may not be good at the game, but that doesn’t actually matter to them. What is important is to see and be seen. Flashing the cash and creating a thrilling social atmosphere for everyone involved. Generally, a cross between escapists, professionals, and casual socialites, these gamblers use the game to remove themselves from their myriad of commitments while still finding a way to get some press. Most often seen in atmospheres that allow them to bet while at the same time attending important social functions, like professional sporting matches or high stakes horse racing.


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Personality gamblers are the classic film archetype that you’d find at a back table in an illegal gambling house. Rules don’t matter to them much, and structure is for suckers. Oftentimes the daredevil thrill that comes from this type of overtly aggressive gambling. Winning is what matters. It doesn’t matter how, or why, they win, as long as they do. This type of player doesn’t hesitate to slip an ace up their sleeve and has no problem stabbing the table with their switchblade if someone else does. They get the moniker by usually displaying fierce type A personalities. Incredibly impatient, highly organized, and coldly calculating.


While this is definitely the smallest of the representative groups, it’s one of the most damaging to the styles altogether. Compulsive gamblers are the ones that fall to addiction. Spending their life savings and mortgaging anything of worth to continue to play the game. These people spend every cent available to them (and anyone else in their life) looking for the next win. While they do win occasionally, the fervent pace and gnawing constant need for consumption is deleterious. This addiction becomes isolating and no matter how many times they hit the jackpot; it will be spent soon thereafter.

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