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4 Ways Virtual Reality Is Transforming Online Casinos

The technology is evolving fast in recent years, with new modern solutions, faster internet, better hardware and software, and more. The most recent innovation is related to the implementation of AI technology in modern systems. Virtual Reality has a positive effect on many industries, especially entertainment. There are some new video games that you can play in VR mode. Also, it is affecting the way how people are using social networks and various online platforms. VR is having a huge effect on online gambling as well, and create space for further development of online casinos and all sorts of games you can play.

We can see big changes in the gambling industry in the past 30 years. Online gambling was introduced during the 90s when people started to use the internet. However, it was not so popular in the first period because the games were lagging and had poor graphics. On the other hand, fast connection and the ability to play games on the smartphone had a huge effect on the popularity of online casinos. In recent years, online gambling became more popular than land-based casinos. One of the reasons for that is convenient because you can play any game wherever you are. Modern online casinos like WeClub88 are offering you some great deals when you register for the first time, like a welcome bonus, free spins, and more. Also, you can play thousands of different games like online slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and more.

When it comes to virtual reality, it represents a new step in the improvement of experience when you play games at online casinos. Many people would rather choose land-based casinos because of the unique experience where you can hold cards, press buttons physically, and be surrounded by other players. However, virtual reality can bring this feeling while you are gambling at your home. You will need special equipment for this source of entertainment, as well as a website with VR support. Here are some of the main ways of how virtual reality is transforming online casinos.

New Games

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The ability to wear VR glasses to play games brought a completely new experience of gambling. However, the developers have to create or modernize games in a way where they can support this technology. Online casinos are improving their software and introducing new games or edit existing ones to support virtual reality features. All of these games are in 3D format, and you will have a similar experience as when you are in a real casino. Since this feature is still under development, there are only a couple of games that have a fully integrated virtual reality. Those are table games like poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and some slot machines. When it comes to slot games, you should try Starburst, Gonzo Quest, Miss Midas, and several other titles.

Texas Hold’Em Poker VR

With the ability to access some online casinos with VR glasses, you will get a unique experience and a chance to play all sorts of games in the same way as in the land casinos. While most of them are indeed interesting in this feature, the main benefit of virtual reality is for poker players. There are many platforms where you can play poker online, but according to professionals, nothing can replace the feeling when you are sitting at the table with your opponents. Therefore, we expect that Texas Hold’Em and other versions of poker will become even more popular with the VR system.

Unique Experience

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As we already mentioned, one of the reasons why many people would rather visit a land casino than gamble on some online platform is because of the different ambient. However, virtual reality can bring you the same ambient as when you are sitting at some slot machine or a table. Currently, the best online casino with virtual reality is Slots Million, where you can choose to wear glasses or download a 3D version where you can play without the headset. Also, you can use a controller or a keyboard to play, like any other video game.

Sports Betting

Besides various casino games, there are also advantages of virtual reality related to sports betting. For example, you can access a website with your VR headset and watch several live matches at the same moment with odds presented aside from the virtual monitors. Moreover, there is an In-Game Chat feature, where you can chat with other players, exchange some advice, and more. The main benefit of this feature is that you can place live bets much easier and with higher efficiency.

The Bottom Line

The virtual reality is becoming more popular in various industries by bringing a new level of entertainment. This technology will affect the online gambling industry to become even more popular because a lot more people would rather play casino games from their homes today than spending a lot of time traveling to some land casino. Since the VR feature is still under development, we expect that many online casinos will start implementing this system in their platforms and offer improved gaming experience. Furthermore, while the full VR experience requires a special gear like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and more, there is the ability to open a website in 3D format, which is also an interesting way of gambling. However, wearing a headset will provide you with the best experience.

Some of the most popular casinos that already introduced this feature are Poker VR, Slots Million, and Mr. Green. When it comes to Poker VR, you can have almost the same experience of playing poker as when you are sitting at the table with other people. You can even talk to them during the play. On the other hand, Slots Million will provide you with the unique experience of playing slot machines. Mr. Green virtual reality casino has games like Blackjack and Roulette. Also, like most of the standard online casinos, you will get a welcome bonus, free spins, and additional deals when you register at these VR websites.

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