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What No One Told You About Childbirth

You thought you were perfectly prepared for childbirth and managing the situation, but you will soon realize that not everything is as it is in the books. Doctors, midwives, mothers, friends tell you about childbirth, but also, they all “forget” to say something. Women who give birth usually tell pregnant women that childbirth is not so terrible and that all the pain is forgotten as soon as the baby is seen. That’s true, but if you want to find out more about this topic, check and read.

This is the truth that every woman who has given birth will confirm. The pain, the sweat, the blood, the screaming all become a distant memory the moment you take your baby into your arms for the first time. One look at the little being will be enough to make you forget everything you go through and feel like the most powerful and happiest woman in the world.

Everyone will annoy you

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Everyone who comes by your side at the time of childbirth will do their best to help you. A caring husband who holds your hand and yells, “You can do it” or your mom who has traveled 200 kilometers to support you. If they don’t stop cheering, someone will get seriously hurt.
They will give you the latest tips and will try to make you comfortable in the maternity ward and relax. Regardless of your good intentions, their behavior will upset you so much at one point that you will want to tell them, “It’s easy for you to talk when I need to give birth!”.

Birth cannot be planned

You may have made a plan for how your childbirth would look like. Cesarean section or not, with or without epidural, without episiotomy, complete anesthesia sewing. It is true that whatever you planned to give birth to, the last word on this will be given by the mediation staff in the maternity ward, depending on the course of your delivery. So, take the idea out on time that it may not all go as planned.

You have taken your doctor’s phone number to contact him and let him know when you are starting a maternity ward. But midwives are, at least in the maternity ward, more important than the doctors, and most likely, they will give birth to you. If you want an epidural, tell immediately upon arrival at the hospital for the anesthesiologist to prepare. Once the delivery is gone, there is no way to relieve pain with epidural anesthesia.

Birth is messy

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Women are beautiful, refined, and rested a few minutes after birth. Unfortunately, only in movies. Contractions can take several hours, during which time you will sweat, your hair will be torn, you will bleed, and you may get stressed during tension. In the end, you won’t have the strength to look for mirrors and makeup; you may only think about that the next day.

The whole hospital will see your intimate parts

It may be strange at first for you to be examined by every other doctor or new midwife every half an hour or even by students who have found yourself in practice at that point. You will feel like you are an exhibit in an unusual exhibition, and your intimate body parts can be viewed by anyone in the aisle. Don’t feel embarrassed about it; just think that they are doing it for you and your baby.

Minutes may become hours

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You may have been preparing for childbirth and attending psychophysical preparations for pregnant women, so it seems that you can evaluate what stage of childbirth you are in and how far it will be. The truth is, you can never be sure of that. You may feel that your baby will be out in a few minutes, and in fact, it will take you a few more hours to reach the most joyful moment. Don’t worry and think why giving birth takes so long, breathe properly, follow the advice of doctors and midwives, and save the strength you will need to help your baby. It may seem like you will give birth in a few minutes, but by the time you finish, it may take hours – as scary as it sounds. Even if you have prepared yourself perfectly, you cannot predict when the crucial moment will occur.

Birth can be easier than what you expect

Every birth is different. If you have listened to the stories of your friends who have been giving birth and ten hours does not mean that it will happen to you. You may be surprised by the speed and ease of your childbirth. The duration of labor and the length of the contractions depend most on the elasticity of the cervix, which is an individual matter.

The moment you see the baby

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You may think of it first when you see your toddler. Until that moment, you have only seen babies born on film, and they are always clean and tidy as if they did not come out of the womb. Don’t be surprised that your baby is red, swollen, bloody, and maybe even blue. Just remember where she had to go to come into this world, and you will understand why this is so. After a few minutes, when the midwives bathe and nurse her, your baby will look like the most beautiful being in the world. You envisioned your little wrap as perfectly smooth and clear as you saw on television. In reality, babies are pink, even blue, covered with hairs, and their heads are not exactly symmetrical due to the passage of the birth canal. No worries, you’ll fall in love with her as soon as you see her.

Birth is an unforgettable event

Your mom may have been telling you that the ladies weren’t sweating, but she certainly wasn’t thinking of giving birth. Prepare to sweat, bleed, and not be very elegant, but this is normal and appropriate for the situation.

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