Hipp Formula: What Is the Difference Between All Variations?

HiPP infant foods are well-known for delivering invariably excellent quality to the customers. It’s not surprising that the company is in good standing with baby formula buyers. And yet many of them get confused when it comes to different variations of the company’s formulas. So what’s the difference between German, UK, and Dutch formulas? Let’s find out, shall we?

Why produce different formulas for every country?

The answer to this is very simple: Hipp makes the formula to suit the requirements of the specific places they are sold in. Each of the countries has its own standards, requirements, and needs. Some countries might require the presence of ingredients that others don’t. This is why HiPP products can’t be the same for each location they are marketed in.

This is not to say that some of the variations lack important components. No matter whether it’s baby milk for the UK, Germany, or Netherlands, HiPP formula products meet the needs of every infant. The company recognizes the fact that diverse locations need customized solutions.

Difference between German, UK, and Dutch HiPP formulas

The simple truth is there is no dramatic difference between HiPP products produced for different countries. There is, however, a slight difference in product formulation. It mainly concerns the inclusion (or exclusion) of starch and probiotics.



HiPP supplements some of its baby milks with bacteria similar to those in human milk. This helps to support and strengthen the GIT and body’s resistance to diseases.

HiPP’s Combiotik products include the company’s patented prebiotic galactooligosaccharides (GOS). This fiber helps maintain intestinal health and stimulates healthy peristalsis. One of the great things about HiPP’s formulas is that they are designed to be mild and nutritious. The GOS nourish the intestinal flora and promote healthy digestion.

However, the UK variation does not contain probiotics. They can only be found in German formulas and Dutch Stage 1 and 2 products.



Starch is an ingredient that can be frequently found in infant formula. It’s especially common in products for 6-month-olds and older. The reason for this is starch is more difficult to digest so it stays in a baby’s GIT. As a result, babies feel more content and full.

Some caretakers, however, believe that starch doesn’t have to be there and pick starch-free formula. The truth is there is nothing wrong with starches. We take them every day with multiple kinds of food and our bodies react to them normally.

HiPP UK and Dutch products are starch-free. The German product line also includes a starch-free formula for Stage 2. Other German milks include starch.

HiPP formula variations comparison

German UK Dutch

Stage PRE ● 600g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics
● Doesn’t include: soy, starch — —
Stage 1 ● 600g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics, starch
● Doesn’t include: soy ● 800g
● Includes: whey, GOS
● Doesn’t include: soy, starch, probiotics ● 800g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics
● Doesn’t include: soy, starch
Stage 2 ● 600g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics, starch, soy ● 800g
● Includes: whey, GOS, soy lecithin
● Doesn’t include: probiotics, starch ● 800g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics
● Doesn’t include: soy, starch
Stage 2 – No Starch ● 600g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics, soy
● Doesn’t include: starch — —
Stage 3 ● 600g
● Includes: whey, GOS, probiotics, starch, soy ● 600g
● Includes: GOS, soy
● Doesn’t include: probiotics, whey, starch ● 800g
● Includes: GOS, soy
● Doesn’t include: probiotics, starch
Stage 1+ ● 600g
● Includes: GOS, probiotics
● Doesn’t include: whey, soy, starch — —
Stage 2+ ● 600g
● Includes: GOS, probiotics
● Doesn’t include: whey, soy, starch — —

What kind of starch does the HiPP formula contain?

The manufacturer doesn’t specify the exact type of starch they include in their products. If you look at the list of ingredients you’ll see it listed as “Starch”. It would be safe to suggest that it comes from either corn, rice, or potato as these are the common starches to add to food products.

Why does starch have to be there?


Babies grow fast and so does their need for nutrients. It’s not easy to make sure that your infant is satisfied and full at all times. For newborns, mother’s milk is the main nutritious food. It’s carbs that make your baby feel content and full and in human milk, lactose is the main source of those. HiPP formula includes lactose too but the problem is babies over 6 months old have an increasingly high demand for richer foods. That’s why HiPP boosts its products with extra nutritious carbs.

If you notice that your infant is still hungry after you need them or if they get hungry faster, the starch-enriched formula might be your choice. Starch also tends to make the consistency creamy smooth which makes HiPP milks super tasty.

Is starch bad for your baby?

Starch is a harmless and simple method to make infant formula more filling and delicious. While sugars can do the same, we all know that added sweeteners are an undesirable ingredient in a formula. Unlike sugars, starches take a longer time to be digested. This makes starch a much more wholesome solution than corn or glucose syrup, or regular sugar. This being said, HiPP understands that starch isn’t good for all babies. This is why you can find starch-free products among their formulas. You can find the entire range of HiPP products on

There are parents and caretakers who are convinced that a newborns’ formula should only include lactose. This is why, once their little ones get older, they opt for starch-free formulas such as the UK and Dutch variations. And there’s nothing wrong with the decision to make sure the milk your baby takes is as similar to mother’s milk as possible. As a parent, you know what’s best for your child.


HiPP cares about the health and well-being of all children and the consistently high quality of the company’s products is good proof of that. The minor variations between the brand’s formulas are due to the demands of the three markets. And yet whatever the variation, these products outperform almost everything else on the market. You can always be sure that HiPP products are safe.

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