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How To Find Out More About Different Classic Ring As A Jeweler

Find Out More about Different Classic Ring Styles

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Gold, rose, platinum, diamond, sapphires, bezel or half bezel, fishtail or bead set. There is a dazzling array of engagement rings. Like pebbles on the beach, you have to go a long way before you find two the same. But this monumental buying decision has to be right. You want her to feel proud and show off the symbol of your love.  If each is unique how can you ever be trusted to find just the engagement ring she has always wanted?

Classic Styles

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It is natural to second-guess yourself when you’re out looking for your future wife’s engagement ring. There’s rarely a mistake with classic styles. These are timeless and effortlessly sophisticated. No matter the stone, the cut or the setting, they never go out of style. Here are a few of the popular styles you may want to take a look at.


Almost all jewelry stores carry a selection of rings with the classic three-stone setting. Four and five are almost as popular. The three-stone traditionally includes a larger center stone flanked by two accent gems. If you like a particular arrangement, but not the stones popular jewelers, such as Nelson Coleman, don’t mind creating a ring with your choice of stone.


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Another ever-popular design is the solitaire engagement ring, often equipped with an embellished band. This is all about the stone and it has to sparkle quality. solitary stones are also set on the band with prongs – there can be three, four or even six prongs depending on the cut.

Halo Engagement

When you see a ring that has a beautiful stone in the center with smaller gemstones or diamonds forming a circle around it, you’re looking at a halo ring. This setting is effective with an arrangement of small stones around a central gem. They work together to catch the light and sparkle. Each is unique. You can also increase the number of diamonds, and that will be a double halo engagement ring.

Cluster Engagement

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You can find a large variety of styles of cluster rings. Your jeweler will have many to show you. Most of the time, they will have a central stone along with several smaller stones in different sizes. You can change the size of the stone though.

Twist Engagement

The twist engagement ring has recently regained popularity. The gentle twists of the band can be designed to embrace any stone of your choice. These s reflect the opulence and elegance of past times.

In the end, you’ll be too excited to think straight. Too scared to get it wrong. You’ll be only thinking of her face, go down on one knee, and open that little box. Even though it’s not having the perfect ring that will make her say yes, you need the experience of an expert jeweler. How her engagement ring sparkles could help get you the right answer.

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