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New Address – London: Where And How To Find A Job?

London has always been a symbol of the world’s capital, a center of financial power, cash flow, a gigantic construction site, a treasure trove of museums. A city for which residents say is the best place to live in.  How difficult is it for foreigners to get a job in London, and what is the life of those who have already managed?

Are You Thinking About Major Life Changes?

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When was the last time you made a really big change in your life? The change that made you feel uneasy but excited at the same time? A change that you have delayed for a long time, but still longed for? It may not have occurred to you at first, but one such ‘big’ change is accepting a job abroad because besides changing your career, you will also be changing your whole life. If London is a city you are considering as a possible destination for a temporary or permanent stay, here is some useful information.

Professions Sought In The UK

England is one of the largest market economies in the whole world. It is one of the world’s leaders in key technical industries, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, software engineering, etc. The London Stock Exchange is the largest one in Europe and the second-largest in the world. In terms of employment, England is not too open for foreigners outside the European Union. However, some professions have a significant advantage, so applicants for these jobs can obtain the necessary visa more easily. If your occupation is on the employment shortfall list, you’ll have better chances of getting a visa and work permission in England.

What Can You Expect?

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If you have started considering leaving for London and possible employment, you are certainly wondering what awaits you there. The UK provides excellent conditions for career development, which attracts many. However, separation from the European Union has raised the level of uncertainty and somewhat changed the attitude towards foreigners. You need to be an expert in scarce occupations to stand a chance. Still, there are a lot of unknowns.

What are the employers like and what will they expect from you? Are other candidates better or worse than you? Does your work experience have any value at all? If you think of some tips you’ve heard about what employers are trying to find in the ideal candidate – then you know it’s motivation and confirmation that you can fit well with the existing organizational culture. Plus, if you’ve ever considered moving to London, you probably have some competencies.

You didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to move to this megalopolis. You will find a job, if for no other reason, then because you know that many people before you have succeeded in that mission. And finally, you have certainly done some job interviews in your life, and you wouldn’t jump recklessly into everything without knowing all the circumstances.

How To Get A Job In London?

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In the UK, there is a demand for medical staff of all profiles, engineers, professions in the IT sector, but also for hospitality and construction workers. The most common way to find a job is to search the web. Some job searching sites, such as, offer you the most comprehensive job listing by categories, with the ability to search the pool of job applicants and employers. One of the things of the utmost importance is that the business must be based on a legal relationship. So when you find an employer, you have to get a contract. Otherwise, the penalties for working without a license are extremely high.

What Does The Job Recruitment Process Look Like?

Is it possible to get a job only through an online interview, or does the prospective employer still want to interview the candidate in-person? It depends mostly on the position, that is, the industry. Some positions do not require such a detailed process. Such jobs are in construction, catering, hotels, etc. Others, such as the HR Manager position, will consist of 2 or 3 interviews, and the candidate will be expected to spend a day or two in a realistic situation to demonstrate their abilities.

The interview in person is extremely important. That is the employer’s chance to discover what the candidate’s attitude is. Also, whether the amount of knowledge that he/she possesses meets the criteria of the position that the candidate is filling. It is not uncommon that some of the recruiting processes include an online or a regular telephone interview. But still, it depends on the position that the candidate is applying for.

Maintaining A Balance

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Carefully plan where you will live. This is the most difficult task for everyone who comes to London. What is the hardest thing to accomplish when you take a job in London and decide to move? It’s the balance! Maintaining a balance between the costs of living while looking for a job and trying to keep it is what most people are struggling with. The advice would be to save some money before moving to London, even if a job is already waiting for you. There are some costs and financial obligations that exist in the UK, which differ from other European countries. That is why savings should generally be an integral part of your monthly or annual financial plan.

In The End…

We had no intention of embellishing reality or make you feel intimidating from the very beginning. But, the truth is – looking for a job in London, and moving there is a huge step for everyone. Moving to another city or even a country is one of the hardest things you can do in life. You will miss your routine. You’ll miss your favorite coffee shop, bakery, and most of all – your family and friends. The best thing you can do is replace the ‘old routine’ with a new one. Find a new favorite place for lazy weekend relaxation, a new pastry to adore, and simply integrate into society. And London can offer this all on a silver plate.

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