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Web Filtering is Necessary to Fight against Hate Speech!

Children today are under significant threats. There are bullies in the school, and the internet is full of different people who try to bully and harass these young and innocent children. Hate speech doesn`t care about sex, color, race, or age, and unfortunately, hate speech exists, and one hate speech can hamper your child’s life and make him or her feel depressed for a very long time. Also, kids who grow up with lots of bullying end up becoming extraordinarily introvert, and this can lead to anxiety, stress, and often harm their mental well-being as well.

Young kids follow others, what they see on the television, and learn from social media; they start following the same thing in real life as well. When that happens, they might begin to bully your child in terms of how he or she looks like. Bullying doesn’t only happen in the classroom; it happens in the online world as well.

Web filtering is necessary

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Web filtering is not just to keep your kids away from harmful web content, for example, pornographic sites, phishing, or malware, but web filtering can create a more inclusive learning community for your kid as well.

With web filtering, you will also keep your child safe from the cyberbullying world, as well. There are parental control apps, which will help you to keep your kids away from every website, which can harm their young minds. Parents should become alert, what their kids do on the internet, and likewise block a few sites, which can lead to bullying.

It is necessary to protect students. Students at this age know very little about the dangers of the dark web. You never know what they are doing on the internet and how they are using it. If you can see your child being busy with their mobile phones late at night, then it is high time to take action and stop this activity.

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Internet is overloaded with a lot of content; some of the material can even damage the mental health of young kids, for example, pornographic websites and addictive gaming websites. Along with all these websites come dating sites as well. Many predators are roaming around the internet. These predators often create fake profiles to talk to young teens. Doesn’t it feel awkward to even think about letting your kids chat with someone who they don’t know and consider to be genuine? Things like these happen, and if you don’t take a step to protect your kid, then these predators can harm the safety of your child anytime.

These are some of the reasons why you need web filtering. Parental control applications come along with many features, and one of them is web filtering. Web filtering allows you to check what the child is doing on their mobile phone, and parents can even block some of the sites, which they think could be harmful to their child.

Types of cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying has many kinds. If you thought that your child is only a victim of hate speech, then there are a lot of things you should be careful about. Here are some of them:

Flaming: Flaming is when someone gets into an online fight through messaging, chat, or email. Some people might call it as online public bullying, and flaming does involve a lot of harsh words.

Exclusion: Exclusion is when a group of people ignores one particular person, making him or her feel entirely isolated. Then that group starts making a mean and rude comment about that isolated person.

Outing: Outing can jeopardize the image of your child to the extreme. The excursion is when someone starts sharing private and personal information about your child. This can include private pictures and videos.

Think about using a parental control app

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With the increasing rate of kids’ suicide all over the world, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to do what is right. Cyberbullying is a serious issue, and no one should take it lightly. Cyberbullying can lead to having suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, self-harm, skipping classes, and more.

Parental control apps like Famisafe can help you protect your child. Knowing that young kids are always glued to their mobile phones, and social media being the main culprit for all the cyberbullying activities, it is necessary to think about a solution that will help you keep your child away from online threats.

Some of the features that are worth taking account of:

Web filtering

With web filtering, you can see what your kid is browsing on his mobile phone. Once you detect something, you can consider blocking the webpage. You will get a comprehensive report about the browsing history, which will give you a complete idea about their online activity.

App block

Parents can now block some of the harmful apps that may be the reason for cyberbullying. Parents will receive daily phone activity reports, as well. Your child might have downloaded different types of apps on his or her mobile phone, which can be either addictive or harmful for their brain.

Screen time Tracking and Control

If you can see your child using his or her mobile phone all day long and not sleeping properly at night, then you should take advantage of the screen time tracking feature. You will get to know when they are most active, and accordingly, you can think about blocking their mobile phone entirely so that they can either sleep or study when they should.

What needs to be done when someone is being bullied?

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If ever you feel that someone is bullying your child, then always be supportive to your kids. You need to make them understand that you are there for them. Along with this, try to find out the details about the cyberbullying incident. Who is bullying them, when did it happen, try to talk to your kid about this incident and finally use a parental control app to block all the apps, which can become a medium for cyberbullying!

Along with mobile apps, there are many social media websites as well, where your child might become the target of cyberbullying. Get to know about their online activity and take control of the situation and finally, ensure to block all those sites that are harmful to your children.

If you want to keep your child safe and secure and give him/her a healthy environment to grow, then download FamiSafe and get your free 3-days trial. Better be late than sorry. Keep your child protected.

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