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6 Reasons for Monitoring your Child’s Phone Activities – 2024 Guide

If your child or children received their first mobile phones, it is common for parents to be worried and anxious about the things your kid might be doing online. From online predators to cyberbullying, there is a wide range of ways that your child can run into a potentially dangerous …

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Monitoring Your Child’s Text Messages – Parental Guide 2024

Cell phone monitoring is of great importance in this digital era. If you are not tracking your kids’ mobile phones, you are making them vulnerable to cyberbullying, scamming, online child predation, and innumerable threats. The unsupervised and uncontrolled mobile phone use can make your kids suffer from several physicals, mental …

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Web Filtering is Necessary to Fight against Hate Speech!

Children today are under significant threats. There are bullies in the school, and the internet is full of different people who try to bully and harass these young and innocent children. Hate speech doesn`t care about sex, color, race, or age, and unfortunately, hate speech exists, and one hate speech …

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