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7 Tips For Managing your Child’s Screen Time

Many parents today have a problem to limit their children’s screen time, but they must do that since it’s a negative trend that is spreading around the young people. The mobile device will surely keep the kids busy, so the parents may have some rest, but is that the right …

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Understanding the Possible Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time on Children

As technology continues to advance and screens become ever-present in our daily lives, it’s important to consider the potential effects of prolonged screen time on children. From smartphones to tablets to televisions, screens have become a ubiquitous part of childhood. But as children spend more and more time staring at …

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Web Filtering is Necessary to Fight against Hate Speech!

Children today are under significant threats. There are bullies in the school, and the internet is full of different people who try to bully and harass these young and innocent children. Hate speech doesn`t care about sex, color, race, or age, and unfortunately, hate speech exists, and one hate speech …

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