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Humanity: The Link Between Empathy And Responsibility

The question that is being asked more and more often is: Has the suffering been such a great deal before, or are we’re just more aware of now it because of its presence in the media? Speaking of media – social media has also become a source of frequent ruthless comments. However, everyone knows why to help someone, or why are they opposed to it.

The Idea Of Humanity

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Humanity represents caring for other people while respecting each person and solidifying their potential. The goal of every humanitarian action is the human well-being that individuals and many organizations struggle for. Numerous humanitarian organizations in the world are fighting for different goals. Yet one thing is common to all – it is well-being and empathy.

These organizations and individuals act through humanitarian campaigns, text messages, proceeds from raising money through bids, concerts, shows, etc. This way, they are providing help to those who need it most. In addition to humanitarian organizations, there are organizations where charity is not the primary goal. But, since they respect the very idea of humanity, they help as well through many initiatives.

The Echo Of Humanity In Society

Although the series of actions reflect the people’s ongoing desire for charity, some are passive. They find the justification for this attitude in the lack of information and opinion that the help they can provide is insufficient. However, there are also people to whom involvement in humanitarian work is part of their everyday life. Volunteers at cancer-fighting organizations point out that many people are willing to respond to organized actions.

The humanitarian response is also reaching a larger audience through social networks. Such and similar organizations manage to raise funds through numerous actions and events. If statistics are a credible measure of the intensity of humanitarian work, an impressive number of humanitarian initiatives show that youth involvement in charity actions is increasing. In addition to being actively involved in humanitarian work through various organizations, you can also make an independent contribution to these actions.

How Can We Help?

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There are various forms of giving, but money is the most widespread. But, in the opinion of the majority – money is often the most needed help. There are also other forms of providing help like in food, clothing, medicines, toys, medical equipment and very rarely in providing services. However, because of poor organization, this type of assistance is often inadequate. On the other hand, money can often be misused. It has happened many times that money was used for other purposes. Numerous bad experiences of providing financial assistance have reinforced the often negative attitude of the public. Assistance in the form of moral or psychological support is also often mentioned. Good examples are SOS phones, where volunteers work to help people in crisis.

True Happiness Is In Helping Others

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People who find pleasure in helping others are bright examples and role models. Some want to remain anonymous, but all of them consider helping others a true fortune. How much do we, as a society, think about people who are great humanists or have contributed in any other way? Many great philanthropists want to remain anonymous, but it is up to us not to allow something like that.

Wouldn’t it be nice for some people’s humane works to be remembered forever by engraving them on memorial bricks? How many times have we heard that some fundraising action has been very successful? Some of these successful actions will remain forever remembered thanks to brick fundraising. It is one of the greatest helping tools in actions such as fundraising. Not only is this a way to stay remembered, but it is also a good marketing tool to help people learn more about your actions and join it. Bricks like this can be made very easily.

Specialized companies like Polar Engraving are hired for such things. All work is done with the help of modern laser technology. These bricks will ensure that someone’s name, event or action is marked and kept as a memory in time. Would you know of many historical events, people or places if you haven’t seen engraved bricks? Probably not! But it is the reason why these things affect all of us on multiple levels.

Some of you will learn more about the events of the past. Some will learn more about people who have changed the course of history. And some will be encouraged to start changing the world around themselves. By engaging in some humanitarian or socially responsible action. Therefore, it is important to remember the following:

At a time when most people have enough time just to turn their heads away from other people’s problems, a humane gesture is worth double. We never know about many of them, because noble people are led by the thought that – what we give someone, we have already received from someone else.

A Smile More Valuable Than Anything

The image that makes everything even more significant, is the expression of satisfaction and gratitude on the faces of people who have been provided with help. It is a sign that peace and happiness have been achieved, and that is the goal of every humanitarian project.

Volunteers point out that for them, humanitarian action is much more than raising financial aid. This is most noticeable when you do charities to help abandoned children. Many children showed that not only material help, but also socializing and new experiences meant to them greatly. Particularly touching is the fact that at the end of such actions,  volunteers are always asked to promise to come and visit them again.

How To Get Started With Volunteering?

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First, opt for a charity or NGO where you would like to volunteer. Ask about the conditions and how they help people, children, animals, etc. Volunteering and participation in any of the actions usually require only completing a short form followed by practical work. Frequent volunteer training is organized throughout the year, where those who are interested can get acquainted with the association, ways they can help, and the rules of the association.

If the lack of free time is an obstacle to joining one of the charities, one donation or even a simple text message can be sufficient. Even something as small as that action can still bring a smile to those who need help.

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