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Talkspace Successfully Completes A New Round Of Funding

Talkspace is the platform that allows people to get in touch with mental health professionals through their app or website. The company is designed to make therapy accessible for all, and the company has been growing as they release products that will help people like teenagers and couples.

The founder of the company is a major proponent of therapy after it helped save his marriage, and he says that this new round of funding allows the company to extra avenues for expanding their services and reaching more people.

What Does The App Do?

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Anyone can download the company’s app, make a deposit, and begin chatting with a mental health professional that they choose from the thousands that are currently partners of the company. The company knows that everyone has specific needs, and that is why Talkspace reviews feature so many partner therapists.

Therapists are finding that they can easily interface with their clients through this app, and they can offer affordable services to clients that have a variety of timing parameters.

Where Did The Funding Come From?

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The funding has come from venture capital groups that want to help the company grow. One of these companies even offered enough money to put their CEO on the board of directors of the company. Patrick Conroy will be joining the board as a way to help guide the new vision of this brand. Other people who have invested in the company are hoping to help the company grow so that they can see extra revenue flow in. Because of the massive popularity of this app, it has been very easy for the company to continue growing its bottom line.

Revolution Growth is not the only company that is partnering with the company. OptumHealth is also announcing a partnership with the company that will make it possible for the company to reach up to five million more people. By doing this, the company is reaffirming its commitment to offering affordable and accessible mental healthcare in an app instead of an office.

What Did Oren Frank Have To Say About Their Funding Round?

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This latest funding round is significant because it brings the company up to $110 million in new funding. This funding will be used to help the company experiment with new options for their app.

Oren Frank has said that he wants to talk with the board of directors and industry professionals about how they can increase sales, offer better options to the public and create more specific treatment plans for people that need them. Oren wants everyone who needs therapy to have a place at Talkspace and not feel limited by the platform in any way.

Who Benefits Most?

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The patient benefits most when they are using this app because they have a place to go for the treatment they need, they have the freedom to choose their own therapist, and they have the power to create a therapeutic program that they like. Even teenagers can sign up for the platform to get therapy, and there are special tools to help people who might feel helpless in their current situation.


Talkspace reviews make a point of noting all the therapy options that are available to the public. The company knows that it can work with people every day through their app, find more therapists, and offer more options if they are bringing in more funding.

The partnership with Revolution Growth that puts CEO Patrick Conroy on the board of directors is just another way to get sound advice from people in the industry who matter. Every little bit helps as the company tries to grow its customer base and its impact.

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