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Rose Gold Meaning and Combinations

Rose Gold is a kind of colored gold that comes with a unique pinkish tint. It is one of the top picks for jewelry. Rose Gold is an alloy that is gotten when pure gold is mixed with copper; this mixture has to happen because pure gold is too soft to be used for jewelry. There is no particular amount of copper that needs to be added before a piece is said to be rose gold. It is a fact that the more the copper in an alloy, the more evident it’s rose color will be.

There are other varieties of rose gold, such as pink gold and red gold. The pink gold contains a low proportion of copper, which in turn will give it a lighter tint. While red gold has a higher proportion of copper thereby giving it a redder color. Keep in mind that although copper is used to harden the gold, it does not bring about a reduction in the value of the gold.

Rose gold cannot chip, although the copper in it can get darker as time goes on, thereby making it slightly redder than it was initially. This is a feature that most users like as it gives your gold jewelry that attractive vintage look. Because copper is very durable, when it is mixed with pure gold, it helps maintain the unique shape and appearance of your jewelry. Also, rose gold does not need any maintenance.

Best Rose Gold Jewelry

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Are you looking for some of the best rose gold jewelry to buy? Then take a look at the list below.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold rings are great accessories that you can use to add a hint of charm with an engagement ring.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

You can bring out her romantic side by opting for gold rose engagement ring. You can choose to add diamonds which add to their beauty.

Rose Gold Necklaces

Rose gold can complement a wide variety of skin tones thanks to its warm tint. Get a rose gold necklace to add warmth and color to your look.

Rose Gold Bracelets

Add an extra layer of glamour to your style with these beauties. You have a wide range of designs to choose from when it comes to rose gold bracelets.

Rose Gold Earrings

With rose gold earrings, you can add a sublime finishing touch to your look. You can choose to pick the ones that feature diamonds on them.

Rose Gold Watches

A lot of people opt for a watch that has a rose gold-tone because of the way the warm hue complements a wide array of skin tones.

Rose Gold Charms

You can select a stunning rose gold charm from the full range of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for adding blush tones to your exceptional charm bracelet.

Men’s Rose Gold Jewelry

Over the years, men’s styles have been found to pick up this blush hue. So, there is a wide range of men’s rose gold jewelry to pick from.

Rose Gold VS Yellow Gold

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It is a well-known fact that the original color of gold is yellow, but nowadays, people have been able to manipulate it to give it a variety of colors. When it comes to jewelry, there is no doubt that rose gold is one of the most preferred colors. But, is it really as valuable as yellow gold? Below we will be comparing the two colors in some key aspects to identify which is considered to be the top pick.

Skin Tone

No matter your skin type, rose gold will always look fantastic on you even if you have the palest or darkest skin. It ensures that every skin has a subtle blush as it complements both cold and warm skin tones.

Yellow gold is pickier when it comes to skin tone as it looks especially on warm or brown skin tones. Sometimes, it makes some cool skin tones look a bit dull.


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When it comes to durability, rose gold still comes out on top. Yellow gold is more likely to lose its original shape and has scratches than rose gold.

Rose gold has a higher durability level than yellow gold because of its copper content. Rose gold does not require much care and maintenance, unlike yellow gold that you have to polish frequently to preserve its luster.

Note that as you polish your gold jewelry, it also polishes some of the gold away. So, your gold jewelry will eventually wear thin over time.

Which is the right choice

There is not much to separate these two metals as they are very identical in terms of popularity and value. Although rose gold is more durable than yellow gold, the most notable difference between the two of them is their color. When you want to choose, pick the one that best complements your skin tone.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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You can opt to get an engagement ring with a rose gold color as it is one of the most sought-after colors for engagement rings now. But before getting one, you should know the pros and cons of the rose gold engagement rings.


  • When it comes to durability, rose gold excels as it is not prone to having scratches and it also requires minimal maintenance
  • It is also relatively affordable when compared to some other colored gold engagement rings
  • Rose gold does not need rhodium plating
  • It has a vintage appearance and even a romantic appeal thanks to its rose color
  • Rose gold engagement rings complement all skin tones


  • Rose gold engagement rings are not hypoallergenic, which means they can cause allergies for those that are allergic to copper.
  • They are not as common as yellow or white gold.

In a nutshell, rose gold engagement rings are starting to make a comeback. Most people opt for it because of its vintage appeal. Rose gold is used in place of yellow gold because of its durability features and is selected over white gold in case of nickel allergies. Whether or not you should opt for rose gold comes down to your taste.

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