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Best Practice For Women Using a Suitable Hair Growth Shampoo Formula

Buying a hair growth shampoo formula is merely step one for women who want a thick luscious head of hair. There are extra steps and techniques that will prove beneficial in this setting, all of which we will detail right here.

Follow Volume Instructions

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No one would like to experience hair loss, so a quality shampoo that has been referred by a dermatologist or trichologist is a great starting point for women who are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. When it comes to best practice for using the solution in the shower, it is necessary to follow the instructions in terms of volume, i.e. how often and how much of the product should be utilized.

The top brands will include core ingredients that facilitate growth, including keratin, caffeine, panthenol and other substances that attracts moisture and fortifies the strands. Yet many shampoo brands like max3 will also add sulfates that work to remove key oils from the scalp. Using the formula for every wash should not be necessary, so it is important to understand where to strike the balance.

Mix Shampoo With Suitable Conditioner

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To avoid falling into that trap and engaging in a wash in moderation, the use of a conditioner to supplement and support the hair growth shampoo formula will be a worthwhile exercise. This is a product that will work to combat the inclusion of split ends, an issue that directly causes the hair to be damaged, thin on the surface and ultimately become loose from the scalp. There will be many providers in this market who do package a shampoo and conditioner together, ensuring that women are not on the hunt for two separate products.

A Cold Rinse Is Ideal

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Adjusting the shower to a cold wash right at the end might be a stark wakeup call, but it can be one of the most effective steps to complimenting the use of a hair growth shampoo formula. This is a step that will help to provide a smoother texture for the outer layer of the hair as well as maintaining the moisture that remains in the scalp. Unless the product advises otherwise with a different temperature level for the rinse, this is considered best practice.

No Towel Placed On Head

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When stepping out of the shower it can be tempting to wrap the head in a towel to protect its integrity before being prepared for the day. However, this is an approach that is actually counterproductive when looking to use a hair growth shampoo formula. Many towels will be crafted with fabrics that cause friction with the follicles, placing pressure on them to be removed should they become loose. The longer the hair is left in this state, the more damage that is caused along the way.

Avoid Heating Appliances

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While many women are in the habit of using a heating appliance to achieve that lovely texture and aesthetic, it can be counterproductive to utilizing a hair growth shampoo formula for washing purposes. Items like chemical relaxers, hair straighteners, and curling wands work to prevent long-term organic growth, so it is important to assess how these products are being used in the bathroom and whether they are worthwhile.

A Light Moderate Brush Is Helpful

One of the consistent themes that have been on show with the use of hair growth therapy is the need to apply every activity in moderation unless specified otherwise. The same can be said for the brushing activities for women in the bathroom. A light brush will be beneficial to combating any entanglements and brittle strands that are evident, but too extreme a brush with a heavy comb and these strands can be forced loose.


There will be unique types of hair that will dictate their own process when it comes to using hair growth shampoo formula. What works for a bob cut or side part won’t necessarily be as effective for an afro, ponytail, bangs or cornrows. Yet these principles are true across the board, allowing the follicles to thicken and grow gradually from day today.


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