These Are The 7 Prettiest Beaches In Cancun

Cancun is a popular summer destination for travellers from all corners of the globe. It draws visitors with its stunning hotels and turquoise waters, but there is more to this city than just a resort stay.

Tourists can explore Cancun’s vibrant nightlife, shopping centres, traditional Mexican dishes and more importantly, an endless stretch of white sand. Obviously, Cancun is famous for its beaches, each attracting a unique type of visitor. To help you find your coastal personal heaven, here’s our guide to the top beaches in the area.

1. Playa Delfines or the Lookout


The Lookout or El Mirador stands out for its free of man-made buildings like hotels, buildings, and other facilities. Contrary to most beaches in Cancun, Playa Delfines is best to experience from the comfort of a sun lounger on the sand. With no resorts or hotels around to take your sight, you can expect a tranquil vibe and splendid views.

Playa Delfines is a public beach filled with friendly locals and food to make your day. Here, the parking is free, and there’s an added comfort in knowing that the restrooms are well-kept and clean.

2. Playa Mamitas, Playa del Carmen


This is another of Cancun and Riviera Maya’s most visited beaches because it presents a wealth of activities from nightclubs, restaurants, and water sports to beyond.

There’s much more traffic and noise, unlike other beaches in Cancun, but the fact that you have the city centre (the famous Quinta Avenida) 1 kilometre from the beach makes a lot of difference. You can get there by bus, by taxi or by booking a van that will get you from in no time. Unlike Cancun, Playa del Carmen has an entirely different vibe, maybe a little touristy at times, but it’s still a pleasant place to take a stroll while looking for a drink.

3. Playacar Beach


This is an exciting beach area to visit with your loved ones and also a great place to stay in the Cancun surroundings. Playacar has a whole range of beach clubs, hotels and restaurants, where you can stay as well as spend the day. It’s one of the most picturesque and tranquil beaches in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area, and there’s a good place to meet people from all walks of life.

Playacar is an exciting beach zone, ideal for parties and weddings, but it can also be a quiet place. You can find resorts that offer a host of services for families travelling with children.

4. Playa Chac Mool


Sprawl on the warm sands of Chac Mool this summer with no intent other than to relax. This is a quiet beach where you enjoy the Caribbean Sea and indulge yourself in a leisurely day. Playa Chac Mool is one of the top beaches in Cancun, and with good reason.

If quiet and distance from the madding crowd are what you need, then look no further than this beach. On Chac Mool, the water is quieter, ideal for a safe swim and plenty of rental opportunities for fun water sports.

5. Playa Marlin


Located 5-minutes from the Kukulcan Plaza shopping mall, Playa Marlin offers a rich sweep of sugar-white sand. Recent visitors say that Playa Marlin is a lovely public beach, perfect for those who aren’t accommodated right to the beachside.

Some tourists would warn of its strong undertow and powerful waves but Playa Marlin, but lifeguards are constantly vigilant and wary of swimmers. Though the waters may be rough, even scary at times, they’re great for water sports such as parasailing. The only problem with this beach area is that it can get very crowded during holiday weekends or when festivals, weddings or other special events are taking place there.

6. Playa Caracol


Situated next to the Isla Mujeres ferry dock, this remote stretch of white sand is maybe the least touristy of Cancun’s beaches, but you can’t say no once you hit its lovely sans and water.

Caracol beach is the least visited beach in Cancun but is very popular amongst locals. Nestled between two docks, this beach is popular for its romantic spots and Cancun’s famed turquoise.

Caracol is a free public beach that houses umbrellas and sunbeds, available for rental by the hour. The relaxing, mild currents and shallow waters make Caracol an ideal spot for families with children, but snorkel enthusiasts can also find the clear blue waters and nearby coral reef a perfect place to spend their holiday. More water activities available on Caracol include windsurfing, boat rentals, and stand-up paddleboarding.

To eat, drink and shop in Caracol, you can head to the nearby supermarket, where you can find last-minute picnic items, drinks, and snacks before heading to the beach. Or you can head to the local Plaza for additional shopping, entertainment, and fancier dining options just a few minutes walk from the beach. If you’re a foodie, just off of the beach, you will find a variety of street food vendors and local restaurants ready to serve you regional dishes.

7. Playa Langosta


Situated about halfway between downtown Cancun and the Hotel Zone, Playa Langosta is the right place to be if you want a tour around Cancun’s famous coastal area.

Jaw-dropping food stalls, traditional restaurants, beachside bars, parasols, beach chairs, towels, and other amenities are available at various beach clubs. The beach is clean with calm waters, which makes for a great place to spend the day. Like any other beach, it gets busy on weekends, but not during holidays or weekdays.

Playa Langosta is one of the few beaches in Cancun not affected by the dreaded Sargassum algae growth, which means you can relish the endless white sand stretch and the gorgeous blue Caribbean waters without having to go far offshore. Also, Langosta is probably one of the best beaches in Cancun for tourists who wish to get the feel of “real Mexico” at the beach.

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