Why has the Mexican Caribbean become such an important destination in recent years?

For quite some time now, the Caribbean has become one of the favorite destinations for many international tourists looking for a place to relax, accompanied by many services and amenities. One of the most important issues to take into consideration is that always the most important in each trip is to meet the objectives of this, according to the tastes and needs of each traveler, because as we all know, each traveler has its travel style, its own pace, and preferences.

But let’s go that the main question, has not yet been answered, one of the most important issues when choosing the destination, is how you want to spend your vacation and many travelers agree to find some beach where they can relax and disconnect for a while from everything, the Mexican Caribbean is better known as the Riviera Maya and is particularly famous for providing its visitors an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony.

Among its main attractions are the ease of moving between each of the attractions found along the Riviera Maya, both on the beaches and in the wide variety of theme parks that have been developed over the years in this area, below are listed the most recognized theme parks in the Riviera Maya:


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This site is one of the most recognized theme parks in the Riviera Maya, as it has the largest natural aquarium in the world, dive and discover a whole underwater world full of corals, tropical fish, and invertebrates that inhabit these waters of the Riviera Maya extensively. It is surprising because from the moment you arrive at the place, you will see that they strive to provide quality services, since there are different areas of food, from regional food, seafood, to fast food, there is for all tastes.


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No matter what part of America you come from, I’m sure you’ve heard about this park and its wonderful anecdotes, since here is one of the most famous regional shows, where more than 100 actors on stage, represent the Mayan traditions, which have been transmitted from generation to generation. Here you can see them represented in one of the most important shows.

Also, this park has a considerable amount of cenotes, underground rivers, and magical places wherever you look, as is the case of the underground river that exists here, and is one of the most acclaimed and admired by visitors who come to the Riviera Maya.

Wildlife can still be found in these ecotourism parks, as they are environmentally friendly, offering great natural experiences for any visitor who is looking for ecotourism activities.


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In addition to these theme parks, you also have the option of taking a tour of the beautiful beaches that characterize the Riviera Maya, beaches full of blue color, with tranquility and peace unmatched. You can look for a remote place and enjoy the peace and serenity that has the beaches of the Riviera Maya, there are places so full of peace that you will be part of the environment with just arriving, something that you will surely like is the environment and decoration of many of these beaches, where the colors and unique shapes come out to shine.

Some very well known beaches are:

Playa del Carmen

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This beach has the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine, full of turquoise blue colors, where these intense colors denote the beauty of its beaches, plus there are a variety of nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls, you can quickly move from this beach to any other in the Riviera Maya for its proximity. Playa del Carmen is approximately 1 hour from Cancun airport.


source: visitmexico.com

Tulum is distinguished by being a very quiet destination, most tourists who visit Tulum, is because they are looking to relax and disconnect from the world of work, all the stress loads, here are many villas and natural cabins, which make it look like a very natural place, there are many Hotels with Spa, for many is the best destination in the Riviera Maya for its great versatility to suit even the tastes of the most demanding people in terms of amenities and unique experiences.


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This is possibly the most popular destination among tourists from around the world, as its party atmosphere has made it very popular and every year in spring, teenagers from around the world come to this destination to let themselves be carried away by the party and excesses, is a very safe place, all this can be done without problems or inconvenience.

It is an area widely crowded by tourists from all over the world, and also has many places to travel and activities to do. Here are concentrated the great majority of hotels that exist in the Riviera Maya, as well as luxury plazas, with a great variety of designs and different themes.

How to get from Cancun airport to the Riviera Maya?

This is very easy, as Cancun has many transportation options, from classic taxis to the most demanding transportation services such as luxury limousine travel or other services.

The most remote area of the Riviera Maya in Tulum, so the easiest option to get from Cancun to the Riviera Maya is to use a ground transportation service. This, to make the tour much easier and so you just focus on enjoying the great scenery and the fabulous tour.

There are several companies like eTransfers in which it is very easy to tour the Riviera Maya. There are also other options like renting a car; however, it becomes tedious the task of visualizing the landscape while you sleep, and even if you go to the party, you will not be able to drink or enjoy the excesses.

In conclusion, it is not enough just one post to go into details of everything Cancun has to offer its visitors, all this set of factors has become that destination that everyone wants to know and enjoy. That’s why more and more tourists want to know more about everything the Mexican Caribbean has to offer.

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