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What You Should Do In Plumbing Emergency Situations?

Today’s urban people’s lifestyle is often known for being alienated. Even though we may live in one place or one building. Very often, many situations require urgent intervention. This is especially true for plumbing. It rarely happens that we have a person in the neighborhood that we can turn to when we need help in terms of emergency intervention. This is why there is an increasing need for every household to know someone who can contact in a case of emergency.

What If The Pipe Is Broken?

There are plenty of answers. In such a situation, it is necessary to either urgently call a repair team, or try to block the conduit for water entering the apartment. For those who find themselves in such a situation, the most important thing is not to panic. Gather courage and see what to do if an accident like this occurs. So the water pipe is broken – what do we do in this case? We have decided to make you aware of the basic recommendations. After that, each of you will be able to cope with bursting pipes in a short time.

Call The Emergency Repair Team

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The most natural reaction to an emergency that has occurred, is to call an emergency repair service or a plumber on duty. Note that the choice of the call depends on who is responsible for the operational safety of the damaged pipe section. Also, keep in mind what day of the week it is. The following options are available:

  • In case that the heating or water pipe is broken, and you cannot count on the repairs on your own – you should call a plumber team. They can eliminate the effects of pipe bursting.
  • If the accident occurred on a working day, during business hours, call the Housing Authority or directly the plumbing that serves your location.
  • If the incident happened on weekends, holidays or at night, then you will need to call the plumber’s emergency service.

Sure, sometimes the phone lines can be busy. Don’t worry too much because most plumbing services can be obtained by contacting through their website.

Handle The Accident Yourself

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If your home is flooded with water, there is a chance that it will flood your neighbors as well. Therefore, it is urgent to take some measures. At least try to reduce the damage before the plumber arrives. Remember, all actions that limit water expansion from the pipe burst zone are good. Specifically, you can do the following:

  1. You must try to block the vent.

They are usually installed, not just in the apartment but also in the basement of the building. Keep in mind that if your “local” vent pipes are placed near the crack location, it is enough to just close them to eliminate leaking. If not, try to enter the basement and close the main vent. In some cases, this is possible, although the key for the basement is mainly found with the janitor.

  1. Call the emergency plumbing service

The most optimal option is to call an “emergency plumbing service”. They will engage in tank emptying, and find and block the central water supply.

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