When Should Players Overbet in Texas Holdem?

Are you a big poker player? How about Texas Holdem? It has to be one of the most popular games ever, with millions of fans all over the world. It is a game of great bluffs, cards, and a game of good time with your friends or online opponents. If you’re already familiar with its rules you probably know when is the right time to place a bet and over-bet. If you’re a newbie this article is perfect for you! Anyone who is interested in its rules and wishes to become a pro when playing this game should continue and keep on reading to discover all there’s to it down below.

Why overbet on the turn?

An overbet is a bet that is larger than the current size of the pot (for example it is when you make the “all-in”). There are the slight overbets which are a little over the pot (1.2x), the bigger overbets (1.5/2x pot), and the monster overbets (3x pot+). You should consider overbetting due to several different reasons, perks and pros. Some of them are:

  • You get more value with a strong hand
  • You will push your opponent into folding more
  • An opponent will be reluctant to raise vs an overbet

Over-betting pushes and dictates the game however you want it to ”fold”. If you are playing online it may take some time for you to adjust and apply the right technique, simply because you can’t read other opponents’ body language.

How much to overbet?


There is not a universal solution or a universal answer for this move. The size varies depending on your current situation and gameplay. The range can vary from 125%-300% for the pot. Sometimes even more, especially if you are playing with big elite players. If you are not too sure how much to bet and go in make sure to pay close attention to your cards and reconsider your options. Apply the following rules when you find yourself playing:

  • The bigger the advantage, the bigger you can overbet
  • Optimal turn-overbet sizes will come down to your board texture

Rather start out small till you get the hang of it. Eventually, you will find a way to invest bigger sums as you get familiar with the game itself.

How to make an overbet?

Before you begin the game and before you try out your first-ever overbet make sure that you’re aware of finding that sweet spot and the perfect moment on when to do it. You will be putting an unusually large amount of chips to the size of the pot. In most cases, the bet is considered an over-bet if it is larger than the size of a pot, and it is a big player move to make. Bet big only to apply pressure. Although over-bets can be used on any street, the most common spot to over-bet is the river. Overbetting is a move to make when your range is stronger than your opponent’s, particularly when his range is capped. If you have a good number of value and bluff hands, you should consider an overbet.

How to bluff this move?


Using big bets to scare the other players and push them out of the pot will work sometimes, not always. Why not try and bluff your game and your gameplay? You have to read the other players and find that perfect spot. Overbet as a bluff when you are fairly certain that the opponent has a medium-strength hand. If you think that your opponent has great cards you can put your theory and try out the body-reading test. The truth is that it won’t matter how big you make your bet since he is not going to fold. If he is working with a weak hand he’s going to fold to a standard-sized bet. See how they react and adjust your move and gameplay from thereon.

How can you over-bet for value?

It is important to know your players and the opponents that you’re playing with. Newbie players usually bet big when they have a big hand, making them predictable and easy to read from the get-go. They don’t have a lot of options, knowledge, or strategy, so they go all-in. You can extract maximum value from these opponents by betting and raising big when you have a mean monster hand. This way, you will be in it to win it. If you haven’t played in a while or if you are a newbie yourself it might take you some time to test the waters, so don’t push it.

When not to overbet?

If you have a weak range: your opponent might have great cards, leaving you with only one option, which is to bluff. However, by bluffing and sacrificing your bluff combos you are making yourself look unbalanced, and you’re not insured enough for future rounds.

When playing with tight opponents: playing with a lot of aggressive and professional players will lead to you having a narrow range and limiting opportunities. If they’re already folding too much then overbetting doesn’t achieve much more compared to a regular bet.

Used in previous rounds: if you have been playing a couple of games by now and you are playing with an opponent who has had a strong hand to call your first overbet, it is not common for them to fold to the second overbet. The board texture should change dramatically.


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