Men in panties

Men in panties – General Opinion and Ladies Thoughts

This is a very interesting and sensitive topic, as people tend to share vastly different opinions on issues like this. Right from the start, it should be mentioned that most of the men who like to wear women’s panties are straight, and a large part of them are married.

Often, however, women who hear about this have snarky reactions towards these men. What is more, they find it appalling and think men should definitely not do this at all. However, most of the women in question are the same ones who have no problem with taking or borrowing the clothes of their boyfriends, husbands, and male friends. This is not the same in their eyes, as it is a general understanding women look cute in oversized men’s clothing.

What would they do or say, how would they react if these guys treated this habit of theirs the same way they treat men who happen to like panties?

Men in panties

If the women of the world were for example forbidden from wearing men’s clothes, there would be riots in the streets, and the Internet would crash like never before. Feminists would take up arms probably, and media would have a field day. Remember that pants and jeans started as a piece of clothing exclusively reserved for men, and it was controversial during the last two centuries if ladies wore them.

Now, however, everyone wears them, and they are accepted by all people in the world. This means that trends and what people deem normal changes with the times, as well as the number of people who practice them.

To look at the aesthetics of a man in women’s lingerie is one thing, as well as a personal preference. This is fine, as tastes should not be discussed and everyone has a right to their own likes and dislikes. However, the judging and the feeling of right and wrong in our society tend to go beyond these likes and dislikes. As a result of this, people think of men in panties as gay, weak, weird, or not real men.

Think about all of the social advancements in recent years. Never has there been more freedom for all kinds of beliefs, orientations, styles, and everything else. Why is then this such a huge issue, in a modern world that is all about equality and rights?

Women are encouraged and allowed to try and do anything, be anything, and wear anything they want to. However, a man has to be everything that is generally considered as manly and appropriate. He must be both soulful and rugged, dress well in the accepted dress codes like a business, business casual, casual, and sports. A man also has to be a strong provider, in a world that has moved on from the women who stay at home with the kids. Where is this equality everyone screams about?

Although it seems that we touched far away from men in panties, we did not, because this is all one big issue. It is the reality that some men like the look, feel, or whatever else of wearing panties made for women.

There is hardly any harm in this practice of their, and the important thing everyone forgets is that that is who they are, and that is how they feel the most comfortable in their own skin.  If we are escaping other things that were perceived as strange and just plain wrong, what is the holdup with this harmless thing?

Men in panties

The world should have already been advanced enough that what a certain representative of the male population wears as underwear does not matter at all. It should be of the same value to society as what a woman wears over her underwear, be it men’s clothing.  Sadly though, it is not, but if history has thought us anything, especially in the recent 50 or so years, is that these kinds of taboos and trends tend to go away more and more quickly.

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