Why You Should Always Check for Blueprint’s Games at an Online Casino

When it comes to the casino, people have different views, but if we want to be honest, we simply must agree that a vast majority of people love these games, and as for the reasons, there are plenty of them. Accessibility is the key, and today, everything that one needs to do is go online, and after a few clicks, they will enjoy playing their favorite game of chance. In the second place are surely the vast and various bonuses, as no matter what some may say, bonuses and rewards play a huge role, and, luckily for us, as players, there are welcome, first deposit, free spin bonuses, reward multipliers, and many others. In third place is the variety of games. Now, everyone knows about poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, but the fact that there are hundreds of variations of these games only enhances our gambling experience.

As for casino games, most people are likely aware that online casino operators do not create their own games. Sure, some casinos might partner with software developers to create exclusive titles, but, by and large, games are licensed from studios to appear on casino sites. A neat way to think about it is like a movie theatre: You don’t expect your local cinema to produce the movies: they license them from the movie producers, and basically the same principle can be applied here.


Just like with movies and video games, you’ll want your casino platform to house the best games, and the best developers will always rise to the top. This side of the industry is ultra-competitive, and there are scores of studios around the world creating new ones every day. Experienced players know this, and they will look for brands like Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt, Playtech, Pragmatic, Play N’ Go, and many others before deciding to play at a certain site. Of course, the fact that the market is so competitive also means that casinos need to do more to attract new players, and what better way to do so than to make some new rewards or, even better, raise bonuses they already offer.

But all of this is only one side of the coin, but what about the other side? What are the elements that combine to make a popular casino game? Prizes and payouts count, of course. But other things matter, and that includes entertainment value. And, if we were to try to objectively pick out the developers that make the most entertaining online casino games, a strong case can be made for Blueprint Gaming.

Blueprint has a growing reputation


Even though they represent a mid-sized developer, and even though they are not as important as Playtech or Microgaming, they have a growing reputation among players. It supplies games to top online casino sites in Canada like Mr Green. But its calling card is entertainment, making the kind of games that would still be fun should you play in demo mode without risking any real money.

For want of a better term to describe Blueprint’s best games, let’s say that they are multi-faceted. Slots, for example, are not just about playing, having fun, and hoping for the best – they are stuffed full of rewards and other special traits. They are about as far away from classic slots as you can get, and players seem to love them. Many people still think that it is enough only to have luck, play, and just hope for the best, but it is more and more obvious that it is not like that, and these games are much more than pure luck. Playing some bonus features requires a lot of thinking and concentration, and it is impossible to expect to win some money just by relying on luck. Unlike what most people think, having a gambling strategy is a must in order to make big profits, and that, combined with practice, will do wonders for your overall gambling experience.

To explain, let’s break down a popular Blueprint game – Rick and Morty: WubbaLubba Dub Dub. The game, which is based on the Rick and Morty cartoon (and officially licensed to use its characters and imagery), has loads of different elements that make and keep it fun. Most notably, there are several “Schwifty” Bonus Series – Rick N’ Roll Megabucks, The Pilot Bonus, Evolution of the Pickle Wild Spins, Mr.Meeseeks’ Free Spins, Rick Rattle, and Roll Bonus Chase, and Anatomy Wild Monster Spins. We can see that there are many various features in only one game, and playing it can never be boring because there is always something new to see and try.

In addition to that, there are loads of features under the Pickle Rick Power Spin – Mystery Moolah, Victory Spin, Wild Stacks, Cosmic Cash, Bonus Blitz, Colossal Chedda, and Schwifty Wilds. As we have said, these games are multi-faceted, and here we have over a dozen bonus traits that are separate from the main plot. Them may look too complicated for beginners, but once you get used to bonus features, it will be a great pleasure to play them because more gifts mean more chances to win money, and it is, in the end, the main reason why we all visit these websites.

Many Blueprint games have similar traits


Rick and Morty: WubbaLubba Dub Dub is not unique in being a Blueprint game with numerous promos and side features. Ted, Top Cat, The Goonies (and its new sequel, The Goonies Return), Inspector Gadget, King Kong Cash, Genie Jackpots Wishmaker, and many others share these traits. It is the best choice for real fans because they can enjoy playing, have the possibility to win some money, and enjoy watching their favorite characters during that time.

As mentioned, payouts matter, and it is something that we need to consider every time we visit some website like this and choose the game that suits us the most. And just because Blueprint’s ones are fun, it does not mean they lack any punch in that department. Indeed, some of Blueprint’s games run on the Jackpot King progressive network, meaning huge payouts (the record Jackpot King payout was just shy of CAD $12 million) are possible. Because of that, there is no need to avoid them since you can win a big prize if you are lucky enough, just like when playing any other game.

But if you look at sites like YouTube and Twitch, there is a reason that Blueprint games seem to be the titles of choice for casino streamers. They have a certain flamboyance that will surprise non-casino players and make them think about them while deciding if they want to try them or not. And you can say for certain that the mark of a great online casino is there when it stocks titles from this red-hot software developer.

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