Is Path Of Exile Still Worth Playing In 2024

If you love playing games, you must have tried all the famous games available in the market. However, sometimes you don’t get the chance to play every one of them. So, in case you are missing on the Path of Exile, you have landed on the right platform. In this article, we will be clearing out one of the biggest questions of many players: is it worth playing Path of Exile in 2024?

Path of Exile was released in 2013, and many new players have joined this game since then. So, you might be confused if it is still enjoyable and not so outdated. To answer this query, we have researched and bought in front of you many reasons which can convince you that you should consider trying out this game this year if you haven’t already. Let us have a look at these reasons one by one.

1. It is available for free


Who doesn’t like having stuff that is available for free? Many people search for games that are free to play, and they don’t have to waste their money on them. The best of POE is that its updates are accessible for free quarterly. Isn’t it amazing that you can run the whole game without even paying anything for it? However, you might encounter some microtransactions but trust us that it won’t hurt your pockets.

Path of Exile is always compared to other popular games like Diablo III and World of Warcraft, and it is one of the biggest reasons many people are attracted to this game. So, you can be happy now that you won’t have to buy any subscription to play this awesome game. But if you want to add some customization to your character, you have to pay some cash for it. Check out Gosu Grind if you are looking for some reliable site to play POE.

2. Interesting environment to play

POE offers you an extremely intriguing environment that will possess you while playing the game. The story isn’t basic in any way since you are continually confronting new difficulties that you want to survive. There isn’t only one sort of foe or only one method for dying, yet you have the chance to confront new things as the game advances.

The visual components can’t flaunt top plan and quality, yet they are indeed in accordance with the time in which this game came around. The general look is very dark and scary, which fits the topic of POE and will give you a unique experience.

3. The endless customization of your character accessible


In many RPGs, you choose your class; this class plays a particular part and certain qualities/shortcomings. Then, at that point, you can overhaul whatever details you need inside that class, which is about the full degree of character customization you get. In any case, in POE, skills and capacities are attached to expertise diamonds that fit into your stuff.

Everything, including your cap/helmet to your footwear, can be utilized to acquire new skills by socketing able diamonds, and there are many such jewels to look over. There are two sorts of expertise jewels-Active and Support. Active gems award functioning expertise and can be upgraded or expanded with support gems.

4. You get to play with a great community of players

Another reason why we would urge you to play POE is because it has a fantastic community of players. The players are so dedicated that they are why this game is still alive and so popular. If you want to have a lot of fun and gain some knowledge from the experience of others, then this is the game for you. The players are very friendly, and you won’t feel left out in POE at any point.

If you don’t believe us, you can check out various blogs and videos that people on the internet platforms post. These videos will justify why this game can be helpful for you and why you want to fit into this.

5. Offers excellent economy


If you have been playing RPG games for quite a while now, you must know that the most common way of purchasing stuff during the play is by using Gold or performing various challenges. But in POE, there is no role of Gold as such. Path of Exile uses the barter system, in which players can exchange their items between themselves. This is the same situation that used to happen in 6000 BC.

Many products or items are available in POE that is termed currency items. It means that you can barter using these items. You can enhance your equipment or your character’s skills by using such currency products. Some of the most popular currency items include Gemcutter’s prisms, Chaos Orbs, etc.

6. The challenging environment feels rewarding

Due to the complexity that POE offers to its players, they get to learn many things from it. You can enter any of the zones as none of them is restricted for you to play. Any player has the freedom to choose the zone that is best according to his interest. The feeling after the challenging tasks gets completed is so rewarding, which is another reason you should consider giving POE a shot.

7. The next version is getting prepared to get released


Here is one good news for all the players: POE is coming with its next version very soon. Therefore, you might need to get the taste of the first part first to understand what the next version will hold for you. By doing this, you might develop more skills that will be required in the next part of Path of Exile.

To Sum Up

No doubt that it has been years since Path of Exile got released on the market, but it is still worth playing. We have given so many reasons above to support our statement. Check out these points and make sure that you play POE this year before it gets too late for you.

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