Should I Put the Rabbit Hutch Indoors or Outdoors?

Some breed rabbits as a hobby, while others have recognized the opportunity to earn a profit from taking care of these furry little creatures. Still, a question troubles the minds of many, since they cannot decide whether they should keep their favorite animals indoors or outdoors. Thus, the next time you hear someone uttering: Should I put the rabbit hutch inside or outside – make sure you appoint them to the lines below since they should provide them with a set of useful tips to follow.

Even though rabbits might appear like the cutest thing you have ever seen, it does not change the fact that they require specific conditions in order to feel as good as possible. A rabbit can live up to a decade if you secure proper nourishment, thus, try to figure out which factors should you consider before deciding where you should put your rabbit hutch.



Even though you might consider yourself a responsible pet keeper, the calculus is simple. Namely, the chances you will more easily do your chores regarding little furry friends if they are kept inside are major. In a nutshell, you will be able to attend to their needs more frequently if the rabbit hutch is located inside your home.

On the other hand, it does not mean that your animals will suffer if you keep them outdoors. The catch is that you will have to check on your rabbits more often if they are out of your sight, due to physical apartness.

The Noise

If you decide to put your rabbits indoors, you should forget about listening to your favorite song on maximum volume. Rabbits are gentle creatures who enjoy calm moments and would rather spend their time in a peaceful environment. Now, if you share the same opinion about noise pollution with your furry friends, you should feel safe to welcome them inside your home.

Nowadays, escaping from noisy surroundings might be more difficult than ever, so even if you decide to keep your rabbits outside, you should make sure to soundproof their hutch in order to make them experience as little stress as possible.

New Roommates


Rabbits are known as social animals, but it does not mean that you can spend little time with them and expect them to rush into your arms every time they see you if you do not invest some of your time and thought into making friends with them. Without question, rabbits kept indoors prove to be more aware of human presence and will be easier to handle if they feel comfortable sharing their space with their caretakers.

You should not worry about your pets’ social behavior even if you keep them in an external setting, but you should know they will only be as friendly towards you as they can recognize who you are. Namely, if you feel good about spending your time with them while they are outside, there should be nothing stopping you from nurturing a healthy relationship.

Now, we suggest you visit AIVITUVIN and find additional info on whether you should buy a wooden rabbit hutch for outdoor usage or a small indoor rabbit hutch, depending on your wants and needs. Just make sure you secure your rabbit has company since they would most definitely enjoy more with friends of their kind.

Freezing Out There?

Rabbits are furry animals, and the purpose of their fur surpasses the cuteness they radiate with. Namely, they are perfectly capable of spending their time in the open, even when the temperatures are low.

Therefore, if you opt for the indoor variant, you will have to worry about maintaining the ideal temperature, which might not be practical since humans enjoy a bit warmer atmosphere than their furry friends. Exposing them to constant heat might impact their health since they can gain weight if they are kept in warm environments.



Rabbits enjoy clean settings, even though they munch all the time. Therefore, you will have to take care that their space is always garbage-free. The leftovers tend to produce an unpleasant smell and should be get rid of as soon as possible, so we urge you to assess your options carefully before making any conclusions.

Namely, it is unquestionably easier to take care of a couple of rabbits, than it is with a bunch of these adorable furry animals, thus, do your own math and figure out whether keeping them indoors is a better option than the alternative.

If you plan to breed many rabbits, we suggest you forget about keeping them indoors, unless you have means of taking care of them in a separate setting.


Both you and your pets should have enough quantities of fresh air, no matter where you are located. Namely, stagnant air can be harmful both for the rabbits and their owners, and while regular cleaning is important, we should emphasize that ventilation is crucial for their wellbeing.

Therefore, you should not worry if you decide to keep the rabbits in an outdoor hutch since there will be no need for additional ventilation system upgrades. On the other hand, you should focus on securing your pets with sufficient amounts of fresh air if they are predestined to be kept inside.

Physical Activity


Rabbits are known to have one of the fastest metabolisms in the animal kingdom, so the fact they are rather active critters does not surprise. Yet again, you must consider how much room will they have to do what they want in an indoor hutch.

If you cannot afford to give them as much space as they need to remain physically active at all times, it might be best both for you and for your furry friends to accept the outdoor option. On the other hand, if you have means of providing them with all they need while you keep them close to your side, feel free to welcome them into your space.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will serve you well and help you make the right choice. Neither should you underestimate nor take for granted the moments of joy these cute little furry creatures are capable of delivering, and we urge you to treat them with the respect they most definitely deserve.

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