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Path of Exile Soulrend Trickster Shadow Build

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of the Soulrend Trickster Shadow Build as well as why we think it’s worth your time

The Soulrend Trickster is one of the most budget-friendly builds to ever grace Path of Exile. It’s a build that goes well with just about any league and is worth trying out. Here’s a look at both its pros and cons an everything else you need to know.

Are you tired of those pesky ‘Reflect Damage’ map modifiers? Well, you’re in luck because you can use this Soulrend Trickster damage-over-time build to get around those! The PoE build is not as expensive as others, so you won’t have to spend much of your PoE currency stash or if you cannot resist spending for PoE builds you can spend it at We’ll go through what you need for this build, as well as the unique and support gems, jewels, and flasks.


When done right, this PoE build is viable in any league. Since Chaos resistance is rather rare, you’ll rarely find a creature that won’t succumb easily to your curses. Also, the majority of its damage comes from damage-over-time. That lets it subvert the ‘Reflect Damage’ modifiers of maps. With certain Trickster Ascendancy perks, you won’t lack defensive options. It’s a great league starter with a truckload of good endgame potential.


You’ll have poor single target damage output. Past a certain point in delving, it loses effectiveness. Anything with a high enough Chaos Resistance will be able to withstand your attacks.


Focus on getting Chaos Damage, Intelligence, Dexterity, and the various passives that increase or enhance spell damage-over-time. Those passives that increase skill duration will also work with this build. Along the way, get some increases to Maximum Life and other defensive skills. The most important keystones to get are Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics, and Mind Over Matter. The last one is especially important if you’re not using a Cloak of Defiance.


If you’re going to use the Ahn’s Heritage shield, you’ll need two Fragility Jewels. Then, socket Transcendent Spirit above Herbalism for extra mana and movement speed. The rest of your available jewel slots can be taken up with rare jewels. Prioritize those with Increase Maximum Life, Increased Chaos Damage, Increased Damage Over time, Increased Spell Damage, and Increased Damage.

With the Bubonic Trail boots, equip Abyssal Jewels with +to Maximum Life, Increased Damage over Time while Holding a Shield, Increased Chaos Damage, and +x to y Chaos Damage to Spells.


Take Weave the Arcane, Swift Killer, Patient Reaper, and Prolonged Pain. Preferably, take them in that order as well. These offer various boosts to your damage-dealing. Alternatively, you can take Ghost Dance and Escape Artist instead of the first two. These alternate passives will make you more evasive at the cost of less mana and Frenzy Charges. Choose according to your preference.


PoE Soulrend is the focus and your most important skill gem. Link Efficacy, Greater Multiple Projectiles, and Controlled Destruction. If you have a 6-linked armor, add any two of Empower, Arcane Surge, Swift Affliction, and Void Manipulation.

With PoE Bane as an additional curse spreader, link Despair, Efficacy, and either Temporal Chains or Enfeeble. Then there’s Blight as another supporting active skill, link Spell Totem, Multiple Totems, and Faster Casting.

For the rest, you can use a combination of:

DPS – Contagion (Arcane Surge, Faster Casting, Increased Area of Effect)

Mobility – Shield Charge (Faster Attacks, Fortify) or Flame Dash (Faster Casting, Clarity)

Defense – Immortal Call or Summon Chaos Golem or Summon Stone Golem (Cast when Damage Taken, Increased Duration)

Miscellaneous – Orb of Storms (Arcane Surge, Increased Duration, Culling Strike), Vaal Grace (Increased Duration, Vaal Righteous Fire)


The build has a wider selection of possible equipment. Even rare ones, with the correct stats, will do as well. Look for those that increase Spell Damage, Chaos Damage, Damage Over Time, Mana, Cast Speed, Elemental Resistances, and Life. In fact, the best weapon you can use is a rare dagger or wand with the Essence of Delirium modifier.

There’s only one mandatory unique item you have to have, the Essence Worm. Slot in a Malevolence gem to boost your DoT and free up reserved mana for that aura.

Recommended unique equipment:


Belly of the Beast – Gives a big boost to survival, but you have to take Mind Over Matter.

Cloak of Defiance – Lets you skip taking Mind Over Matter by taking over the skill’s function, as well as provides a boost for Evasion and Energy Shield

Cherubim’s Maleficence – The DPS option at the cost of defense

Tabula Rasa – Your go-to armor while leveling


Breath of the Council – Good bonuses to Chaos Damage, Area of Effect, and Skill Effect Duration.

Cerberus Limb – A passable alternative that gives good evasion ratings depending on the shield you’re using


Ahn’s Heritage – Has a good block chance and high defenses. Combined with the correct jewels, you can make it remain active all the time.


Three-step Assault – Great when you’re running Onslaught through flasks or Ahn’s Heritage. Also, provides a Spell Dodge bonus.

Bubonic Trail – Adds to your damage, especially if you use Abyssal Jewels

You don’t have to use them, but they are considered the best ones to use.


The recommended flasks for this build are:

Seething Divine Flask of Staunching

Witchfire Brew

Chemist’s Basalt Flask of Warding

Experimenter’s Quartz Flask of Heat

Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline


This build is easy on the PoE orbs and is flexible enough to accommodate a larger combination of skill gems. You can switch around some equipment and/or gems depending on the situation. Overall, it’s a good build to start a league with that’s rather easy on the wallet. It has decent clear times and can get you to the endgame, and beyond.

Have fun destroying your enemies, and customizing your own PoE build.

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