Is PAT Testing Legally Required for Landlords?

Before renting an apartment to a tenant, it is a must for a landlord to do safety checks to avoid unnecessary future obligations. It is common for many tenants to ask for the necessary electrical gadgets on their property. But all the devices should work in good condition to operate safely.

If any accident happens, the landlord will be considered faulty. For safety checks, the PAT test is done on different electrical equipment. But is it a legal requirement? Well, this query strikes everyone’s mind. It is not a necessary legal requirement but recommended for landlords. They can hire PAT testing professionals and check all the devices before renting their property.

This write-up will teach you more about this test and why it is recommended to landlords. You will also know whether it is legally required or not. Before moving to a rented apartment, you must ask for proof of this test to safely operate all the electric devices.

What is Done During the PAT Test?


The process starts with the inspection of the electrical appliances visually. When you call professionals, a specialist engineer will do the detailed inspection. It involves measurement of the equipment’s earth continuity, visible damages, insulation resistance, wires, cable check, etc. If any damage is inspected, it is advised to remove that device or send it for repairs.

Many faults can be repaired, but the device needs to be replaced in some cases. This test is necessary to ensure the safety of the user. Whenever a landlord rents his property, the tenant can use those devices. If the appliances are not well-inspected, any accident can happen to the user. The landlord will be responsible for the mishap. Therefore, it is better not to avoid this test.

Is PAT Test Legally Required for Landlords?

The electrical appliance safety check is highly recommended for landlords, but it is not legally required. A landlord doesn’t need to call professionals for this test and check all the electrical appliances before renting them. But it is important for the safety of the user. Small damage can cause an electric shock, and one can risk his life.

It is better to avoid such a situation and be kind to others. The appliances can damage for any reason, and it needs to be inspected before it gets too late. As a landlord, you can step ahead to go for the PAT test even if it is required legally in your country.

The One Who Performs the Safety Check Test


As per the legislation, you can hire someone with enough knowledge of electrical devices for the PAT test. The person must do the safety check by using his knowledge and experience. The specialist must know the new market gadgets and inspection techniques. It is necessary to stay safe and do the inspection.

You can hire a professional electrical specialist who can do this job effectively and provide an accurate report. It is better to go with a qualified electrician for the safety tests. If the test fails, he must know how to repair the gadgets and recommend the replacement of any component. The specialist must use safety tools for the test.

Why Should One Arrange the Test?

By conducting the PAT test, you can get a guarantee that all the electrical appliances you are providing to the tenant are safe to use. If any accident happens, there is no fault of the landlord. There will be no risk of penalties, and you can also protect your tenant’s life. Many renters ask for the test, and you can provide the report.

If any accident happens and the fault is of the renter, you can ask for the claims. The report proves that you handover your apartment and electrical devices to someone after conducting the safety check. You can also build a good relationship with your tenant. It is a sign of a good landlord if you arrange this test.

When Should You Arrange This Test?


You must arrange the test depending on item damage or breakage risk. Some appliances are prone to damage within a few years, and you must inspect them frequently. Such devices are electric kettles, iron, toasters, etc. Compared to small appliances, large ones are durable and last for many years.

Whenever any tenant is moving to your apartment, you must call professionals for a complete safety check of all the provided electric devices. It is necessary to note down the date when you have done the test so that it reminds you the next time. You can track the dates and call a specialist for the assessment whenever it is due.

Things Need to be PAT Tested

In a rental property, a landlord can provide many electric devices like a fridge, washing machine, kettles, TV, music system, grill or toasters, microwaves, dishwasher, lamps, etc. Compared to large devices, you need frequent safety checks for small devices. It needs to be tested once or twice a year.

The large devices must be PAT tested once in three or four years. For timely assessment, it is a must to note down the dates when you have done the test to remind yourself of another session. In this way, you can keep your tenant safe and protected.

The Bottom Line


The PAT test is highly recommended to all landlords, but it is not required legally. You must keep your tenant safe from the hazards caused by damaged electric appliances. If you provide any device to your tenant in your apartment, it must be inspected and repaired.

You are responsible for their safety, and it can be done if you hire a specialist for PAT testing. This process needs to be done on time; hence, you must note down the dates when you have done the test. If you keep your devices updated, your tenant will remain safe. There will be no risk of hazards or obligations on the landlord.


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