4 Misconceptions People Have About Electric Grills

What’s the best way to prepare a steak? Are you a fan of grilled vegetables? Do you enjoy eating fish? If you have all the answers to these questions, and if they are positive, chances are that you’ve probably heard about electric grills.

Grills and the process of grilling have been controversial since they appeared on the market. Whether it is a charcoal, kamado, pellet, gas or electric grill, it seems like everyone has a certain opinion about how some dishes should look like, how they should be prepared and more importantly – if they are healthy or not. One of the most popular activities for many people is the tradition of grilling or in other words – making barbecue dishes for their friends and family, especially during the warm season, when people gather outside of their house, whether it’s their backyard or some other places in nature, particularly chosen for the occasion.

However, summer barbeque is not the only option available. Eating your favorite food only during summer would mean that you have to restrain yourself from both socializing and enjoying the unique flavors, which is definitely not something you want to do. As an alternative to outdoor grilling that involves a lot of smoke, the majority of people opt for indoor grilling, which is a safer option, since you don’t have to install a special setting outside, in order to prepare meat or any other ingredient of your choice.

But even though there are numerous advantages of electric grills, and the biggest one is the fact that they are so convenient, it may come as a surprise that people still have certain doubts about these devices, and that some of the most Googled questions are questions such as is electric grill worth it or are electric grills healthy. This shows the mentality of people who have never used electric grills before, and who are not sure whether it’s an equally good option, when compared with the traditional grills. Other questions people usually have are the ones regarding the taste of the meat that’s been prepared using the electric grill.

That being said, let’s dive into some of the most common misconceptions about electric grills.

1. The Food Isn’t As Tasty As It Would Be When Prepared On An Outdoor Grill


This is one of the top concerns people usually have when it comes to electric grills. Barbecue enthusiasts are hooked on the taste of charcoal or in other words – the specific taste that meat gets when prepared in outdoor grill conditions. However, choosing an electric grill instead will not turn your dish into something that’s not tasty. Quite the contrary. Not only is it a healthier option, since the barbeque smoke has been proven to have cancerous effects on human body, but it’s equally tasty, if not more – since you get the chance to taste meat that’s not smoked, but it’s rather only – grilled, which should have been your goal in the first place.

Other than that, you don’t need special skills to be able to prepare your meat the perfect way – and you don’t have to be afraid that the only thing you can taste is smoke. Electric grills provide you a natural meat flavor and aromas, and it’s exactly what you need.

2. It’s Unhealthy


If you thought that electric grills are unhealthy, you just need to remember that some of the most dangerous carbon dioxide emissions come from smoke! And one thing is sure – there is a lot of smoke in traditional grilling. Preparing your meat on an electric grill is more than heathy, and doesn’t even require the usage of oil, since the special technology of these grills make it easy to prepare, without adding additional fats. At the same time, you will be able to get juicy, soft and tasty meats and vegetables, that don’t have the smoky flavor, but rather a natural, fine-dining one.

Finally, preparing food this way is equally healthy as baking in the oven, and a lot healthier compared to frying, while remaining delicious and full of aromas. This is the complete opposite of what people usually think about electric grills. But the reality is – they’re not only a great alternative, but also something you could easily switch to, since it’s a more sustainable option.

3. It’s Too Messy To Bother


Many people don’t even consider getting a grill since it just seems like too much work or as a process that would require a lot of cleaning afterwards. This is why it’s important to know that the electric option is different from the gas or charcoal grill, since it’s a lot more convenient and actually – less messy! What do we mean by this? These grills are easier to install, they don’t require a lot of knowledge about meat and vegetables preparation or marinating, and more importantly – you don’t have to spend a lot of time beforehand, creating the right temperature and preparing the grill for grilling.

You just need to turn the grill on, and it will work like a stove. In a matter of a couple of minutes, your grill will be ready for you to prepare everything that comes to your mind. Not only that, you will need to wash the grill after, and that’s the only thing you will need to do. This means that this is a fantastic option especially if you live in a condo, have kids or you simply don’t wanna get your living space dirty, but you wanna enjoy your grilled meat.

4. The Process Of Preparing Food Is Too Complicated


With indoor grill like this, you will only have to adjust the temperature and worry about nothing. You don’t have to deal with fire, but you can get the same effect you wanted, with less effort, energy, time and finally – money. This means that the very process is much shorter and simpler, especially if you pick a high-quality device that will last for a long time, contain a warranty and has strong cooking powers. Click here to find the best options to choose from. Finally, nothing can beat the speed and convenience these modern devices offer. Do you have an electric grill in your home?

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