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5 Useful Video Editing Tools all YouTubers use

The video social media platform YouTube has experienced an extraordinary rise during the last decade. What was once merely a video sharing hub where an occasional official music video or a movie trailer appeared is so much more in 2024. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day as millions of YouTubers made this practice their life’s work and the main source of income.

In order to be a good YouTube content creator, however, one has to possess the right set of video editing skills. Such expertise comes in various levels. Basic editing, on the other hand, can be done by virtually anyone who is somewhat tech-savvy and computer literate.

In this article, you will learn about the most useful video editing tools that almost all YouTubers use to adapt their content and share it with the world. To find out even more and learn how to download videos from YouTube onto your PC or Mac, visit this website.

1. Shotcut

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We will start things off with one of the most common tools in the library of every YouTuber today. Shotcut is easy to use and navigate video editing software that runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X devices. It has a user-friendly interface that gives you everything you need right in front of you. Users can edit video and audio fragments on the video timeline and introduce various effects and captions into the final product. Multiple file type conversions are also available in the program. One of the fan-favorite aspects is the customizable menu and a wide selection of filters and mods. If you need to go back to a prior stage, you can, while multiple monitor configuration works like a charm. The only downside is that you cannot preview filters when you insert them.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe needs no introduction, as they are a household name on the market of all sorts of editing software. The newest iteration of their popular video editor has all of the usual things plus a lot more. Basic features include audio and video modifications, color adjustments, and processing. Every type of multimedia is supported, be it a video format or an image, both on PCs and Macs and mobile devices. Some of the best features include 360 VR and 4K support, meaning it is a great tool for professionals apart from being beginner-friendly. This editor is arguably the most complete tool for both tiers of video editors. Finished products can be exported in various formats, and there is integration with other Adobe software. The learning curve could prove challenging, as adding and editing certain things is tricky at times. In addition, the official license for the Pro package is quite expensive. However, you will always know what you are paying for with Adobe products.

3. Apple iMovie

For Apple enthusiasts who are also YouTube content creators, there is no better app to use than the dedicated Apple iMovie. It has by far the best integration for all of its products, including Mac OS devices, iPhones, and iPads. There are eight premade themes within the editor and tons of transition, title, and music features and options. Furthermore, ten video filters have been premade by Apple that you can use and customize, adding and removing various effects like slow motion, split-screen, fast forward, the image within an image feature, and so on. Everything is made to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. There is 4K support as well, while the theater mode allows sharing with other Apple devices. If we were to point out some bad sides, it would be the lack of motion tracking and no 360 degrees support.

4. Lightworks

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Lightworks video editor is one of the most famous YouTube video editing programs you can find. Completely free, it works well on all desktop and laptop systems including macOS, Linux, and Windows. If you have tons of camera footage in need of editing, this is a great software solution for you. Similarly, bloggers and sound engineers are also known to benefit from this amazing editor. All in all, Lightworks is your ultimate social media friend with many useful features, including 3D video processing, cross-platform features, multichannel support, and the always needed cropping and editing of the timeline. The management system may be a little bit confusing at times and hard to understand, but it is nothing a few determined sessions on your side cannot handle.

5. HitFilm Express

Keeping up with the trend of free to use a video editing software for YouTubers, HitFilm Express is made specifically for video editing without much else. This makes it a great option for those who like straight to the point things. There are plenty of useful features and nifty premade templates and themes that will take your editing skills a step further. It takes minimum effort to edit videos with this software, and once you have a final product you can export it in high quality in a variety of formats. Trimming the clips, adjusting the colors, creating custom video masks and green screens is a walk in the park. Both 4K and 360-degree videos are supported with this reliable timeline editor. Cons include low export speeds and the fact that some of the most popular and needed features have to be purchased separately.

Bonus Five:

6. Final Cut Pro X
7. Adobe Premium Rush
8. Filmora 9
9. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate
10. Blender

Takeaways and Conclusion

Depending on what you need from a free video editor for YouTube and what kind of device you are using for your work, you are free to choose one of these five amazing software solutions. You will not make a mistake no matter which one you opt for, and you can always try all of them until you decide which one works best for your specific circumstances. Once you settle, there will be nothing preventing you from dominating the YouTube scene with top of the line videos the competition will be envious of. Your road to high-quality YouTube video-sharing starts right here and now!

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