4 Essential Packing Tips For Moving Clothes By Professional Movers

Packing clothing while relocating can resemble packing clothes when traveling, but it has certain features that make it challenging. That is why this is not always an easy job. However, when professionals do that, everything seems very simple. So try out essential clothing-packing tips by professional movers.

You’re About To Move Soon: What About The Wardrobe?

Relocating is mostly exhausting and stressful. One of the primary reasons for it is the fact we don’t know how or where to put it and pack it. When trying to find out the most efficient method of packing clothes you need a good strategy. Each piece of your clothes requires a specific way of packaging, and professionals usually have a system of work – so it all seems less tedious when they do it. In the following text, we will reveal some useful tips from professionals.

We will first show you what to do before loading your bags and suitcases – and then we” show you some efficient methods of packing clothes. Discover how to sort your favorite items and the techniques for stacking your clothes. Those who are well-organized and apply some of the tips – will be able to pack the wardrobe like a true professional. Also, this way you will make the job easier for the transportation agency.

Wardrobe Sorting Tips


Why keep the excess clothes you won’t wear

Before you pull up your sleeves and start working on packing, ask yourself what’s worth packing? Do you have any wardrobe don’t need anymore? To make yourself sure of it – hang out the clothes from your closet and empty the drawers. Then determine what exactly DO you need – and what things you keep for no rational reason. Although many of us find it difficult to let go of some pieces – that is wrong. Think you’ll wear those tight jeans or skirts that are out-of-fashion? Remove the items you don’t care about and you won’t wear – so you can see what’s the amount of clothes for packing.

Selection: I keep, I donate, I sell

After reviewing the wardrobe items, you can divide your wardrobe into categories. Things you want to keep, things you might donate – and those you can sell. To decide what to keep, ask yourself a few questions. For example, did you recently wear a particular item, and if those clothes are still fashionable. Also, assess whether the size of a particular piece still suits you and whether it is still looking good. This way, you will make a selection of what you will pack and carry with you – but also those that you might sell or donate.

The Principles Of Smart-Packing

It’s time to start sorting things you will take with you by using some basic principles. Namely, you can sort the wardrobe primarily to whom it belongs. Every family member should have suitcases, boxes, or bags of their own. Also, there you can make a categorization by pieces of clothes – meaning the pants will go together with other pants, sweaters with sweaters, etc. Finally, you can pack it according to season, meaning summer or winter wardrobe. Something like this will significantly improve your organization during the relocation.

4 Practical Tips For Packing Your Wardrobe


When thinking about this – the priority is how to pack your items without creasing and ensure they remain clean and protected during transport. Therefore, we assume that boxes, suitcases, vacuum bags, or even dresser drawers can be of great help.

1. Vacuum bags as the best choice

Such reusable sacks can store so many things in a small space – while providing good protection. Also, according to the Taili Store, these bags are also very useful for keeping seasonal clothes. Namely, if you look at the offer, you will see that such bags can “eat” an enormous amount of clothing- making your job much easier. Experienced packers recommend that you first roll up the items or fold them neatly, then put bigger pieces inside and smaller pieces on top of the bag.

2. Loading the boxes

When doing it this way, make sure you get a box of the appropriate size. Smaller or medium size is what professionals recommend. Check whether the box is adequately assembled. Look carefully not to overcrowd them because that can make damage to the bottom and because they will be hard to carry. Secure them by using duct tape, and mark them with an appropriate label.


3. Load the suitcases

This is a good and cheap way to pack a wardrobe when relocating – and it’s practical for many reasons. You won’t have to purchase additional boxes and your wardrobe will be protected better. Also, you will need them later when you travel. If you wish to prevent any damage from moisture, you should cover the suitcase with a protective wrap. To maximize the space and use it efficiently – fold the items or simply roll them. The gaps left between the items, use to store things such as underwear or socks.

4. It’s already packed in the dressers

Before emptying your dresser, think about using it as a means of transporting your wardrobe. If you have lighter items in the dresser, you can move them without emptying – but first, secure them with duct tape. Otherwise, just take out each drawer, and leave all clothing items in it the way they are placed. Make sure everything stays in place by wrapping plastic wrap around the drawer. The advantage of this trick is that your drawers are already unpacked when you get to your new home.

The Bottom Line

Moving is not an easy and pleasant job – but you gotta do what you gotta do. Also, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. When packing clothes, we usually get almost hysterical, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Good work organization, preparatory work, and the skill of good packaging – will make your move less stressful and easier to bear.

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