Anklet Trends for Summer 2024

Looking good during the warmer months is easy when you have an accessory to compliment your outfit, but too often they are big and bulky or even worse, generic versions found on the high street that everyone is wearing. What you want are the newest, and bespoke silver anklets from San Saru, a touch of elegance to complete your summer look.

This summer season is all about anklets and they are the perfect pairing for a confidence-boosting moment, trending silver anklets come in a large variety of designs so there is something for everyone.

Feel your best self and find a silver anklet to suit your mood from anklets with balls, to dainty ones with pendants, and even pretty versions with stones, and if you can’t decide then get more than one. A woman can never have too many accessories, correct?

Sun and silver


For centuries silver has been a highly sought-after and traded commodity, and has evolved into beautifully and intricately designed pieces of jewelry that adorn women and men around the globe, and are the perfect gift too.

Silver, unbeknown to many people, has a significant number of health benefits and is and has been used by cultures globally in treating health issues or ailments with success. It has been proven and shown to have powerful antimicrobial agents which help fight against infections and heal wounds, as well as prevent and treat colds and flu.

Silver also helps with our body’s internal temperature regulations and circulations and in turn improves our energy levels and moods, and when all these positives come packaged in a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a silver link chain, what’s not to love.

Now you can step out into the sun or attend events and celebrations while looking good and reaping the health rewards of this precious metal, and as the positive ions radiate through your body you are naturally energized.

Anklets and fashion


In many countries, cultures, and traditions the wearing of an anklet is of high social importance and shows their status within the community or even relationship status. They have since been more popular for accessorizing outfits or decorating the ankle and are worn more for fashion than culture.

With so many brands and options on the market it is tough to know which is best, how to wear them, or which are appropriately suitable, so finding a few options and seeing what works is a great way to try new products and look good while doing it.

There is something for everyone, shapes, sizes and even layered versions, let’s take a look at the top options trending and why they are the best, and how to wear them.

  • Mira anklet – Handmade with elegant detailing and exquisitely simple making it perfect for pairing and layering with other anklets.
  • Daur anklet – A fine chain of linked silver balls for a simplistic look that adds to the look without overwhelming.
  • Kinari anklet – This creation has a combination of both long and short-chain links to spice up your anklet layering look and add depth to the outfit.
  • Kesava anklet – By far one of the most sophisticated anklets on the market, adorned with a zirconia stone and a double chain of intimate loops, this silver anklet is not only a must-have in your jewelry collection but elevates your outfit to another level.

Rules and questions


You may have a lot of questions if you are new to the world of anklet wearing and deciphering between the dos and don’ts can be tricky, and even daunting at times, so learning more about them is a great place to start. And if you have a big event to attend, you want to do it right.

Frequently asked questions such as which ankle to wear it on, the left or right, used to be a hot topic in previous years due to the significance of the side it was worn on, one being seen as a ‘call girl’ or single, and the other your wealth and social status in the community hierarchy. These days it is simply about preference but should always be worn on bare skin, never over any kind of material.

Can I wear a beaded anklet? Of course, you can, but keep in mind that they are more casual and should be worn with a casual outfit for a day trip or to the beach. Silver and gold are more formal and essentially look that much smarter for dressier occasions, with the younger generation preferring silver and the more mature women opting for fine gold. Both look equally gorgeous and sophisticated.

The last conversation topic is whether the anklet should have charms and in recent discoveries, the majority of the consensus has been a resounding yes.

There are thousands of charm options for all ages and demographics and can be layered for an even more exotic look with multiple anklets or double chain anklets, but remember that they will always look best if they are thinner for multi-layering purposes.


A final thought

The summer months are always filled with great parties and outdoor dining and having a beautiful anklet, like the Himani gold anklet with its delicate Morse code design of dots and dashes has proven popular, and gives a touch of luxury to your ensemble that will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Wearing anklets has evolved throughout the centuries based on available resources and reasons but one thing is for sure when you wear them people’s eyes will be drawn to them, and even more so out of curiosity to marvel at the beauty and design. Because of this, always be sure that your feet are in good shape and have been groomed for the occasion.

There is nothing worse than someone complimenting your beautiful gold or silver anklet only to want to see it and be met by a dry, un-manicured foot.

Give your anklet the recognition it deserves by being displayed on a spa-treated foot and leg.

Silver anklets are trending for this summer season, get yours today, and don’t be left behind. They are perfect for every occasion from morning to evening, there is a design for all ages, and wearing more than one for that bespoke layered look may just become your signature look this season.

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