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Short Guide For Packing And Moving

You are moving? Congratulations! Or should we sympathize with you? We know exactly what moving from one home to another looks like. Mixed feelings, fear, happiness, sadness. Thinking about if everything will end right and on time? If you are moving for the first time, you probably have concerns about how much will it cost in the end. Also, what kind of relationship will you have with the workers who will put your entire assets through their hands.

Moving Is Stressful

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In psychology, moving is stress almost equal to losing a permanent job or getting a divorce. Even in the best conditions, it is always a matter of the environment. How and will we fit into the environment? What is the neighborhood and what will be their reaction? We question whether we made the right decision and whether moving was really necessary.

You must take a positive attitude towards your move. Start by making a list of activities related to your move. When you have it all on paper, it’s much easier. You will find that you have a complete sense of keeping everything under control.

Useful Moving Tips

You can opt for the non-packing relocation service as a better option in terms of a lower cost of purchasing packaging materials. According to Easy Peasy Removals, it is much easier if you know the date in advance. Then all the preparations can be done on time and planned in detail. However, it often happens that the need for relocation arises suddenly without much time to plan and prepare. These are helpful tips on how to arrange a move in no time.

Moving Packing Material

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This is the easier part of the moving and the only thing that can go wrong is the lack of material needed to pack and protect things. Therefore, you should take care of the essential things:

  • cardboard boxes
  • large bags
  • adhesive tape
  • protection foil
  • packing paper
  • markers, scissors

You can get all this stuff at major shopping malls. If you don’t have enough money, improvise and use whatever is available to you. For example, old laundry baskets, suitcases, old piggy bags, etc. All these things can be used for packaging. Also, store a larger amount of old paper that you can use when packing fragile items (glasses, plates, decorations). Vacuum bags can also be of great help when packing a wardrobe. Visit local stores and look for anything that can be used for protection, like cardboard boxes, the protective foil to styrofoam.

Cardboard Boxes

When purchasing cardboard boxes, the best option is to have the boxes of the same dimensions for the best possible packaging in a moving vehicle. In any case, this is not imperative, so any sturdy cardboard box can serve. What is important is how to pack things in boxes and ensure that they remain intact.

Marking Breakable Items In Cardboard Boxes

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Make sure to mark the boxes containing fragile items, and if necessary, strengthen the bottom of the box and the edges with wide adhesive tape. Put some paper between the breakable items. That way, glasses, mugs, and plates will be protected from breaking. Arrange all these fragile items upright in a cardboard box. You can put a piece of cardboard, foil, cloth or whatever you may use for that purpose between them.

Inform your former and new neighbors about moving, because the moving process often makes noise. Our recommendation is to hire a professional moving agency, as it will greatly facilitate such a process.

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