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7 Italian Cookies You Must Try Before You Die  

Sure, the food world has lots of fancier desserts, but only a few tantalize your sweet tooth like a platter of Italian puff pastry cookies. Walk into a well-stocked Italian bakery and find yourself confronted with different types of cookies, pastries, and desserts. Many of them have unpronounceable names that can also confuse an Italian cookie lover.

Although the Internet features a plethora of resources claiming to offer the best recipes to prepare classic Italian cookies at home, infusing them with traditional taste is expensive and extremely rare. This is the reason many bakeries do not make their cookies and import them from giant factories based in Italy. Many of these are available only in the European country.

However, there are some classic ones from the region that you can try in all parts of the world. These seven types from Italy are the pride of the region. Let’s explore in detail about them:


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Believed to be originated in the city of Prato, biscotti are twice-baked almond cookies. It is said that they were first made in 1858 by baker Antonio Mattei. These are crunchy and dry biscuits made using ingredients like flour, eggs, almonds, sugar, and pine nuts. Today, there are many versions of Italian biscotti cookies, but the traditional recipes explain them as treats with a little bitter taste.


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These are paste-based cookies, extremely famous for their almondy taste. Sicily is the place where pignoli were first prepared. In the late 1800s, it entered the US when thousands of Sicilian moved to the North American country. Today, these chewy biscuits are a staple to an Italian bakery.


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These are traditional biscuits from the European nation which originated in Siena during the 14th century. Made of sugar, eggs, and honey, the cookies have an almond base. The biscuits have a crackled surface, which is usually filled with confectioner’s sugar. In the region, they are served as Christmas cookies or snacks with a dessert wine.


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Italy is known for its delicious puff pastry cookies, and anginetti from the Southern part of the nation come as unique puffs, also called lemon knots. These traditional puffs come with a nice moist and an intense lemon flavor. Light and pillowy, these delicious treats are between cookies and cakes.

Baci di Dama

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Representing the delicacy of Piedmont, Baci di Dama are treats with hazelnuts and chocolate-filled in them. Made of flour, hazelnuts, butter, sugar, and salt, the biscuits are extremely famous throughout the country, and their popularity is increasing all over the world.


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Zaletti from Venice is rustic and crunchy cookies known for its traditional taste. They are yellow in color and can be paired with a dessert wine. Although the treats are originated in Italy, they are a popular partner of dessert wine in different regions of the world. Currants, sugar, egg yolk, dark rum, cornmeal, all-purpose flour, and baking powder are the main ingredients of the traditional biscuits.


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Traditional to Saronno, Amaretti are among the most famous traditional Italian cookies. Many from different parts of the world order Italian cookies online to taste the authentic taste of the biscuits from the European country. Made of almond flour, sugar, egg white, salt, and confectioners’ sugar, they are chewy treats for almond lovers.

Final Words

From traditional cookies to puff pastries and modern-day Italian chocolate cookies, the region is home to different types of treats for food lovers. Instead of preparing them in your kitchen, now get these classic biscuits from This online shop gets its products from famous brands based in Italy.

Which cookies are you planning to order?

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