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4 Online Casino Games that Can Easily Be Beaten

Games of chances such as the ones offered by online casinos are generally designed in a way that makes it very difficult to win them. However, if you plan to play in a long run, there are games where you can use certain strategies and increase your chance of winning.

Regardless of the fact that you play online or in a real-time casino, your chances will increase significantly if you choose to play with other players. Traditional machines for spinning make it harder for you to win than when you’re playing table games such as poker, roulette, or other group games. Table games offer you greater chances of winning. After all, this is why you play.

Always keep in mind that in order to beat the game, you must not be greedy. This is the main reason why people lose money in casinos. Limiting your stakes also applies to winning. You need to know when you’ve won enough, otherwise, the next game can cost you everything you’ve won so far.

A long list of games available at casinokokemus promises fun whichever game you choose, but which ones can easily be beaten? Keep reading to find out.


Many will start thinking about card counting, as soon as someone mentions this game. Although this strategy does increase your chances of winning significantly, it’s quite hard to apply, and you know what happens if they catch you applying it. In online casinos, counting cards is not an option. Anyway, this does not mean there isn’t a good possibility of beating your opponents in blackjack. We’ll give you some arguments to prove it.

No doubt this is one of the most popular games in casinos because it requires the player to make a series of decisions in order to influence the final outcome. Because of this, people look at blackjack as a game where logics beats luck, more than it is the case with other games. And here lies your strength. Since these decisions the player makes are based on pure logic and statistics, no wonder that with time each player gets a very clear personal strategy, which they tend to stick to when playing.

The strategy aims to, for start, player wins a couple of times, then to win the biggest possible win, to decrease the chances of the bust, and of to minimize the risk of losing by backing down. Don’t get your hopes too high in the beginning, since the casino will always make sure to have an advantage over you, but their advantage will be minimized as much as possible with the strategy.


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Playing poker online is a lot different than the one you play live, which is why it requires that you apply a different set of rules than the ones you would usually apply on the table. The differences can be seen in card dealing, player moves, and game style.

Depending on your play style, it might be necessary to adjust it so you would compensate inexperience of other players and computer-generated codes when playing online. If your style is aggressive when playing live, you may wish to break it a little bit with some passive play, while other players will be chasing their draws, you will realize that it’s hard to make them put their cards down.

Besides this, the fact that the computer-generated poker game does not have real randomness, you may want to wait to be sure your hand will win before you place more tokens in the game.

The culprit for most of the bad moves in online poker is more computer-generated programs that trigger action than bad players who can’t give up.


Some say that the hardest thing about this game is its name. Implying that this is one of the easiest table games you try in a casino. For a long time, it had a reputation of being a game chosen by only the richest people sitting in the casino, but with the options of playing in online casinos more and more common people are trying it out. All you need to do is place a bet on a bank, player, or even. The advantage of this game is that it has very low margins of the house. While rules can seem confusing, the good thing is there’s no need to know all of them completely. The game is mostly relying on probability, you only have to decide which hand you think will win and place a bet accordingly. However, knowing the rules will help you in tracking the game development, resulting in a much more amusing game.

All bets are placed before the cards start dealing.

Different lottery games

Under the lottery games, we include games such as bingo, lotto, keno, as well as slot machines where you can sit in a casino and play them, or choose online. In lottery games chances of you winning are small, however, when you do, the wins are usually quite high. What is the most important is that nothing is depending on you, except the numbers you have chosen to hope for that will be drawn.

When we talk about slot machines, the chances of winning are a lot higher, and winning and losing situations are quickly being switched. While the gain is not too high. The goal they have is to pay off the player from time to time to keep him hooked on playing, but in long term, he is probably doomed to lose.

In real-time casinos, there were cases of people managing to beat a slot machine, using different tricks and methods which are not usually legal. These people were mostly hackers and programmers who knew how to crack the system. It’s not very likely to happen to a common player.

Those who play just for the love of gamble can always rely on playing games that require a lot of logic, mathematics, and strategy. If you’re able to calculate the probability, success will be on your side.

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