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Best 6 Photo Editing Apps and Services to Prepare Photos for Instagram

The world is switching to Social Media interaction at a considerable rate. For that reason, you must consider setting up an Instagram account for your business. Nevertheless, there are several additional steps that you ought to take to make the platform productive for your firm. You must ensure that you present impressive and unique pictures to your prospects to engage them.

In any case, there are several primary steps that you must take to generate more leads on Instagram. One of the most common methods is the use of photo editing tools to remove the watermark from an image. The good thing is that sharing controversial stories and pictures will promote you as a business owner, influencer, or individual.

The most vital factor that you must always consider is the quality of the images that you share through the platform. The Instagram images that you share should be quality and clear enough to create good engagement. This factor is vital for you to achieve a better conversion rate.

Why do I Need to Use the Photo Editor on Instagram?

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Statistics indicate that there are over 500 million Instagram stories per day and more than 1 billion monthly active users. Over 25 million accounts that are available on Instagram belong to businesses and firms. The most absurd part of it all is that more than 60% of the people using Instagram say they discover new products via the platform.
Furthermore, a third of story viewers target business accounts. One business profile will record over 200 million visitors daily. These stats show how effective this platform could become if you consider it for your startup.
Nevertheless, with the highest level of competition, there is a dire need to make adjustments to your photos and improve quality before posting.


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The VSCO app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It offers the primary set feature free of charge. It features preset functions that can make your videos and photos to be more fine-tuned and stylish. It will allow you to apply numerous adjustments such as Grain, contrast, brightness, and saturation using its robust editing tools.
The good thing about it all is the fact that it offers additional functions for users who subscribe to the premium membership. It provides a library of 200+ presets, exclusive editing tools, and video coloring to help you transform your photos into a work of art. Above all, the platform features the creator community where its users can share the images, follow each other, and discover tutorials.

Snapseed App

Are you finding it difficult to delete distracting objects that might be on your images? The Snapseed photo editor could be the best software for you! Google manages this app and has designed it to make it helpful for both professional and casual photographers with its effectual filtering options and effects. The photo editor is compatible with both iOS and Android and comes with no extra costs.

In addition to the primary crop and rotate tools, the Snapspeed will offer you advanced photo editing options such as white balance, lens blur, Black and White, HDR Scape, tonal contrast, as well as a double exposure. Using this photo editor application, you can share stunning images on Instagram and other social media platforms that are compatible.


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The Layout is a much compatible Instagram photo editing app that is friendly with iOS and Android users. The app allows you to select the images you would like to edit from the folder or click on the cool shot instantly option to take images using the built-in Photo Booth. It is the best photo editor option for the people who love to make collages out of their beautiful photos.

The application will enable you to mix-up averagely of nine photos at the same time to create collages and layouts. It does not matter whether it is resizing and replacing the image or mirroring and flipping it. The Layout app will enable you to maximize creativity and hence, allows you to tell your story the right way.
Above all, the application will allow you to edit images using the filter tools that are available on Instagram and share it right away to any social media platform.

Square Sized

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Long-time Instagram users understand well that they cannot share their photos on Instagram unless it is square in size. The Square Sized app specializes in providing this type of editor as its primary feature.
The app will enable you to resize all your photos to match the Instagram-worthy square size. The same feature will also apply to the videos. In addition to this feature, the Square Sized application will also enable you to take new images with a compatible size without having to log off the application. Besides, the app will allow you to add typography, overlays, layer filters, and background to your shots.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC application will allow you to edit photos using your desktop as well as the phone. This photo editor is available for free for its package of primary features on iOS and Android. It will enable you to take photos and edit them easily.

Above all, you will be able to share the images instantly to social media networks such as Instagram. In addition to the free version, the application also offers the premium version, which offers other features such as syncing functions across different devices.

The photo editor app will enable you to modify the exposure, contrast, and color of the photography you edit. It will also allow you to copy the images that you edit across numerous snaps for efficiency.

6.  Watermark Remover Online

Watermarks attract several drawbacks. They can trim the visible part of the image and even spoil the color balance that the photographer intended to use. They can generally reduce the communication level of the photo. The online watermark remover will enable you to delete the unwanted watermarks.

It will replace the text overlay using a reliable and more presentable background. Besides, it will use digital methods to stitch the image background into your images. All images that you edit using the WatermarkRemover will produce photos that have an unobstructed view and boast of full color. This tool is the best watermark remover since it features the following beneficial functions:

  • Batch Mode: This feature can help you to complete all your watermark removal requirements faster than most other methods. The best part of it all is the fact the application works for both the photos and videos too. Once you highlight the watermark part of the photo or video, the program will remove it instantly. Above all, it offers the preview window that will allow you to preview the edited image before you can use it.
  • Timestamps Removal: Most photographers will consider adding the timestamp to the photo when taking the shot. This step is vital for verifying the exact date when they shot the photography. Adding the timestamp could be essential for professional photographers such as journalists. However, it might be difficult for most digital watermark removers to remove this obstruction. The good thing is that the Watermark Remover will remove the timestamp and blend the blemish with the background.
  • Pops and Scratches: The Watermark Remover will help you to clean up and fill up the pops and scratches with its practical intuition. It will give you near-instant results with its effective system that features a professional restorer. This step is vital for digitizing your photos and making them useful for future generations. The primary degradation, scratches, and fold marks on the image are some of the simple issues that might arise on your Instagram images over time. The watermark remover is effective at fixing these challenges, and it can help to restore most of your old photos to the most recent photo quality level before you can post them on Instagram
  • Solve Spots and Cracks: The portrait and profile photo is another essential part of your Instagram. You will have to keep the subject in the photo more natural. In any case, the color and shape of the skin will mean a lot to how well the Instagram post performs. This application will enable you to remove dimples, creases, and pimples. This step is vital for you to attain smooth and good-looking skin.

Success on Instagram can help you generate more leads and attract many prospects. The primary step to succeed on Instagram lies in the quality of photos that you share. In this post, we have discussed some of the most reliable tools that you can use to edit your photos. However, you must consider using Watermark Remover since it is more effective.

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