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4 Most Popular Card Games you can Play Online with Friends

Online multiplayer games do not have to be AAA titles for you to enjoy them. Although most people think of MMORPGs, shooters, or MOBAs when they hear “online gaming,” there are many different genres of computer games you can try. When it comes to online gaming with your friends and family, a lot of people look for simplicity, good and engaging gameplay, and most of all, fun. Therefore, those “larger” games that take months or even years to master do not have their place or use in these situations.

Say you want to or have to have a night in with your family members, or a casual sit-together with your friends, and you become bored or simply cannot think of what to do. You want to try something new or experience a new take on something you love. Online card games are one of the best choices your group can make here. Now, card games come in many different shapes and sizes, so in this article, we will go over some of the best free examples that will give you hours of fun, both when you are in a group and alone!

Casino Type Card Games

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First of all, we have dozens of different traditional card games that first started in casinos, taverns, and pubs. In the modern world, most people play games like poker and blackjack, and their many varieties and types, exclusively online. By visiting a website like, you can find the right casino card game and play it online with your friends and family. Activate that competitive spirit and make your blood rush with excitement! Some friendly competition never hurt anybody. You could even make it interesting and involve some symbolic bets. Even if you play simply for bragging rights, these card games are sure to make one hell of a night for you and your loved ones, especially if you already have a history of playing these good old card games together.


Are you a fan of fantasy, swords, and magic? Do you like the characters from the long-running Warcraft game series? Look no further than this addictive card game if the answer to either of these two questions is “yes.” No list of online card games is complete without Hearthstone by Blizzard Entertainment. It is one of the most played and most-watched games in the world, and for a simple reason. It is simple, content-rich, fun, and addictive, and it offers beautiful graphics, music, and voice lines. It does take some practice and getting used to, but after a few games, you and your friends will surely get the hang of it. Different heroes, card types, and abilities may be overwhelming, but it is as simple as possible for casual gaming, even though the game has a strong competitive and professional side. Then, intriguing tournaments between you can start that will make a night go by unnoticeably. Best of all, you can play it on your smartphone and tablet and take the fun on the go!


With a World War II theme, this card game is a rare specimen considering most other online card games are either casino or fantasy types. If you like history and learning about the many wars that have unfortunately happened on our planet, this game might be your cup of tea. It is a collectible card game by 1939 Games capable of turning anyone into a history buff. A player can choose one of the nations involved in the war and collect cards that represent their tanks, planes, artillery, resources, and soldiers. Then, battle against your friends and family and their decks of cards. Every nation has its strengths and weaknesses based on real-life scenarios during the 1940s. Except for the amazingly beautiful artwork of the cards, this feature is the best thing about the game according to reviews. You can rest assured that everything is historically accurate, since it is sourced from comics, magazines, books, posters, and artwork that deals with WW2.

Cards Against Humanity

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The iconic party card game saw the light of day back in 2011 as a traditional, physical card game meant to lighten up parties or make everyone feel uncomfortable. The key to this wacky game is to complete statements by using the words and phrases printed on the cards. Most, if not all of these, are very offensive and politically incorrect. This means the game is not for children, nor for those who are easily offended by rude jokes and dark humor. Some cards are missing the start of a sentence, while others are missing the end. By combining two cards, one has to come up with the best, or even the worst possible combination that makes sense. Black cards are “question” cards, while the white cards are “answer” cards. Each player gets 10 white cards at the start and one of them selects a black card. Each player puts in one of their white card which they believe suits it best according to their humor and way of thinking. The black-white combination that gets the most laughs and praise wins the turn. The same concept of the game is now available online in case you do not have the actual physical set. Mind that many weird and uncomfortable situations arise from each session, so it may be better suited for friends than family!


These four online card games are vastly different from one another. Whatever you may enjoy doing in your free time, one of these is sure to make your next evening with family and/or friends memorable. Whether it is a casino night you want, a war history special, a trip to a lore-heavy fantasy world, or just a strange and offensive adult card game, this list has it all. The decision falls upon you and the people you love. Nothing is stopping you now from enjoying a fun night of online cards. Just remember it is only a game, so no sore losers! Make sure never to ruin the precious relationships with friends and family over some lighthearted competition.

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