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Different Types of Video Lighting – All You Need To Know About

Lighting is an essential part to make a quality video. Without using lighting you can’t make it. It allows you to see the disposition for the video. If you use for lighting, you can’t hope to have a quality video. That’s why it is important to talk to select the best lighting.

But there are various types of lighting are available. This is why it is quite a challenging task to fix the best one. You need to have a clear idea of the types of lighting. Do you know its types? If not, then you are in the correct place.

We will now discuss some of the types of video lighting. If you want to know more about video lighting then please read the entire article and get the overall idea.

Video lighting

There are plenty of different video lightning types available to create a video. Such as:

  • Natural lighting
  • Hard lightning
  • Soft lighting
  • Colored lightning
  • Mixed lighting

1. Natural lightning

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Natural lighting is the best light to make films or create videos. Natural lights are basically sunlight. It provides you with excellent results if you’re filming your video in natural lighting.

There are other two types of lighting available in natural light such as blue hour and golden hour. Filming videos during this will give you a dramatic environment in your video.

When is natural light used for?

You can use natural lights to make any kind of video. If you are filming a funny video or even if you are filming a scary video, you can use natural light in your filming

There are many movies and YouTube videos where they filmed outside to get help from the natural light to shoot their videos. You can get different lights from nature which can help you to make your video outstanding from others.

2. Hard lighting

So this is another lighting type that can be used during filming videos. This lighting is incompatible with soft lights as they are opposite from each other.

Hard lighting provides casts of deep and obvious shadow to your subject. You can get this powerful effect very easily, just by using a little bit of light directed toward the subject.

When is hard light used for?

Hard light can be used in filming horror videos. If you’re thinking about shooting a scary video then hard light is perfect for you. The darker the shadow will be it will add more thrill and scariness on it.

Hard light similarly can be used in dramas or movies to make suspense or make someone appear more thrilling before exposing their face.

Hard lighting also can be used to intensify the verges or silhouettes of a subject. Although male issues are involved with it, females can also use hard light.

3.  Soft lighting

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Soft lighting is for photography and videography. It helps to diffuse shadow around the subject. Soft lighting and hard lighting are like the two opposite sides of the same coin.

Soft lighting can make images or videos softer than before where hard lighting builds high contrast.  This lighting is very popular in creating movies as it makes the content more beautiful and gives you eye-catching scenes.

When can soft lighting be used?

In this modern age, soft lighting is used for cinematography. There are various reasons behind using soft lighting in the cinema.

One of the reasons behind using soft light in cinema is it helps to lessen shadows behind people. It basically makes the picture softer by reducing the contrast of the image.

Soft lighting also can be used in blogs and YouTube videos. This lighting is famous for its services.

4. Colored lighting

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Colored lighting is for controlling the color temperature of the light. Colour is the most important thing while making a video. It can catch viewers’ eyes and also it can change viewers’ moods.

There is a famous movie called ‘Harry Potter ’. This series has used colored lighting to make it more thrilling. It becomes darker in color in each series.

They increase the dark color to emphasize Harry’s increasingly sensitive struggles and grief as he prepares himself to fight with Voldemort.

When can colored lighting be used?

For example, film producers are thinking about making a film on Mars. So the environment should look like Mars.

Suppose Mars is a warm planet. There is dust and rocks colored red or dark orange. Dust and rocks are spread all over the place. Now you can make this illustration using colored lighting.

You can create any colored planet according to the scene with the help of colored lighting. So you can say that colored lighting is the most needed lighting for filming a movie.

5. Mixed lighting

If there is numerous lighting in one scene then it might be made with the help of mixed lighting. But sometimes it can create problems using mixed lighting in movies.

For example, you want natural lighting from the sun which will come through your window but there is another lighting that is getting mixed up with natural form. Now you can make the balance of lighting by using mixed lighting.

When can you mixed lighting?

Mixed lighting can be used in a variety of situations depending on the circumstances. You can use mixed lighting in both indoor and outdoor filming according to your needs.

When proper light from the sun won’t come inside then you can use color lighting for balancing the light indoor. And when filming outside if any person, trees, or animals block sunlight and create shadow then you can use mixed lighting to fix the lights of the subject.

Final Thoughts

We try to discuss in this article the various types of video lighting and the use of them. Hopefully, our small effort will be helpful for all of you to get the overall idea about it. If you have any other questions or you want to know more about this topic, we suggest you to visit Beyond The Sight website!

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