Underrated Games You Should Definitely Seek Out

If you’re a massive gaming fan, then, you’ll no doubt be aware of the most popular computer games that are out there. Titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fifa 21, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have dominated headlines and had stratospheric amounts sold. Not forgetting the online games, which if you need to freshen up your memory, you can read our article on seven of the most popular in 2024, here at

It could be said that the reason these games are all so popular, is because they’re great games that were highly anticipated, and that when they were then released, they delivered on those lofty expectations. Yet, it’s also true that they’re games made by the biggest developers in the business, and, therefore, they can afford to promote their games far and wide, to as many potential customers as possible.

However, there are many brilliant games that get released by smaller developers that don’t manage to work up as much fanfare, even though they get glowing reviews. Due to this, they can get forgotten quickly and fall by the wayside. Well, we’re here to unearth some gems that unfortunately fell victim to this.

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Disco Elysium – The Final Cut


Now this game is an experience like no other. If you’re sick of playing releases that are carbon-copies of each other and feel there’s no originality anymore, then you need to give Disco Elysium – The Final Cut a whirl. It’s a role-playing game, that unlike most in the genre, has no actual combat. If that sounds a bit too boring, this might not be the title for you, but for those who enjoy dialogue heavy stories that will leave you thinking long after you turn off the console, then this game will blow you away.

The story takes place in a city that has been ravished and is trying to put itself back together from a war that happened decades before the game begins. You take control of a detective who wakes up not knowing where he is, or even who he is. You then have to solve a complicated mystery that involves him finding out more about both himself and the world around him.

When it was released in 2019 on PC, it received near universal critical acclaim and was even awarded several awards, so it was clearly not underrated by the critics. However, the sales have not been anywhere near as good, which is a real crime. Therefore, we’re hoping to spread some more awareness of this staggeringly cracking game.

Mad Max


Most games that are based on movies tend to do badly. It just seems that the more popular a movie is, the less well-known the game version will be. One victim of this is Mad Max, that was released back in 2015, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Based on Mad Max: Fury Road, that also came out the same year, the game is a rip-roaring adventure through desert wasteland. The vehicles are magnificently designed, and the gameplay mechanics work incredibly well, allowing you to feel fully in control as you try to survive the bleak wilderness.

One big reason that could help explain the lacklustre attention given to the game, is that it was released the same exact day as Metal Gear Solid V, which was one of the most anticipated releases in the entire history of gaming. Talk about being in the shadow of greatness.

If you missed Mad Max first time round, then make sure to give it a go, and live out all your post-apocalyptic fantasies. The game can be punishing for beginners though, so make sure to check out a guide, such as the one over at, if you need it.

Sleeping Dogs


Series such as, Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row, have become much beloved entries in the open world sandbox genre. Yet, they always have you playing as high-flying criminals, and want you to revel in acts of destruction that leave the in-game cities in a state of shambles. What if you want to arrest the bad-guys rather than become one of them though?

Step forward then Sleeping Dogs, which was released back in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360, but is now also available on PS4 and Xbox One. Instead of trying to work your way up to becoming a criminal mastermind, the game has you working undercover as a police officer trying to bring down the Triads, who are a large Chinese organized gang.

The game is set in Hong Kong and is a beautifully detailed rendition of the city. You’ll get to marvel at the sights and sounds of the busy metropolis as you walk, drive, and even parkour round in your bid to tackle crime from the inside. It was so well done that some pundits even still call it the gold standard for virtual cities, as was featured on

It’s stacked full of missions that are both enjoyable and wonderfully crafted to further the engaging story. On top of that, the voice acting in the game is of the highest quality, with stellar performances by Will Yun Lee and the rest of the cast. There’s even been talk of people trying to make a movie based on the game, and hopefully it brings some more attention to this should be classic.

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