How to Instantly Improve Your Gaming Skills in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of four free-to-play, AAA FPS games titles. By some, it is probably one of the best and it holds a firm first place, while others like Call of Duty Warzone, Destiny 2, and Halo Infinite follow very closely.

These are all very different genres of FPS games, and depending on who you ask, the placing of these games will be different. Apex is a battle royal hero first-person shooter game that is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, and believe it or not it is currently at its season 13 called Saviours. This game is available on all platforms and it is a game that is growing in popularity with each season and with each content being added on.

What you all need to know, especially you who are thinking of taking this game on is that there is a certain skill needed here and that skill gaps are huge. This means you will have to work, play and grind to be good. Thankfully today, we will tell you a bit about what you need to do in season 13 to advance a bit faster and control your guns and abilities a bit better. If you don’t have time for grinding and putting quality time in then you can always go with Overboostpro and speed up your process.

1. Research


This may be a bit silly to talk about, and you have already probably started researching the game, since you are reading this, but we need to emphasize that this is key in learning new things, especially in such a fast-paced game with a lot of changes and additions. This is key especially when you want to learn about new heroes, new abilities, new guns, movement additions, new points of interest, and other similar things. Research means you will have to read a lot and also view a lot.

YouTube is probably one of the best sources for this type of content and your favorite streamer or gamer will quickly give you insight into all that you need to know for each season, map, gun, hero, ability, etc. the best thing to do is immediately replicate that in-game or in the testing arena, test things out and you will see if what you saw is true and if you can do the same things by yourself. It is a tedious task but this is the way to improve or at least the first step.

2. Recoil

Since this is an FPS game and since it has guns in it that you need to shoot to win, you will probably hit a wall of weep called Recoil patterns and control. All players regardless of their skill and knowledge have issues with Apex’s recoil control and patterns. Luckily there is a way to get that recoil way manageable and easier for you. when tracking a target horizontally that is running across an open field you may notice it is easier to hit your shots.

The reason for that is the fact that vertical recoil is hugely reduced when shooting horizontally. The way to achieve this is to strafe in one direction and counter strafe with your aim this will create a smooth feeling aim and it will remove that pesky horizontal recoil we all hate so much. go to the range try this out and you will see what we are talking about. Movement is key here and you need to be strafing and you will hit your shots more consistently, ironically.

3. Master your guns


Although there are a lot of weapons and attachments in this game you need to master a few to win. Everyone has a personal preference toward a certain weapon I Apex and you will as well, whether it is something that allows you to move better or allows you to control the recoil better, you will incline toward a single gun more than some others. What we want to tell you is to always test all the weapons and attachments as soon as a new update arrives and see if they changed anything. Some weapons were bad before but got a bit better with a new season. This is the case in season 13 and Spitfire. This gun became good and it is little known about and barely used. It is strong, it hits like a train and we recommend you try it and see it for yourself.

4. Shields

If there is a game where shields are important then it is Apex Legends. If you are out of shield batteries and if you can’t recharge, if you don’t have mad dodging skills, you are probably dead in seconds. Since this is a fact in this game, what most of you make mistake is that you base all of your fights on using shield batteries.

Whenever you are with your friends in a fight, it is better to pop one or two cells and go back into a fight and help, rather than being stuck for several seconds and leaving them to fight for themselves. Your strength is always in the numbers and if you can quickly heal yourself and pop a shield or two and get back in and control the situation you are and your team will be victorious.

5. Misc


There are a lot of small other things that can impact the way you play this game. From in-game mechanics to hero abilities and game animations. This, and it is not alone, is a game that the more you dig the more of an upper hand you have. You can improve your gun reload time if you skip the reload animation. The way to do it is to start reloading and switch between your weapons twice.

Better hold cover, do not peak wide or push until you know their shields are cracked or until you are sure you can get a down. Use your abilities and passives smartly and you will come on top of each fight. This also goes the same way for choosing a hero. Chose smartly and choose something close to how you approach a fight or at least something you can understand and make the best use of.

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