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Why You Should Consider Flu Vaccination

The influenza virus or as it is often referred to as the flu is an illness that can be extremely dangerous if left untreated. In some cases, it could lead to people being hospitalized since it can be life-threatening and in the worst-case scenario – it can lead to death. The one thing people should know about the flu season is that each one of them is different and each year, thousands of people end up in the hospital from flu-related causes. In order to protect yourself and those closest to you against the virus, you could opt for getting a vaccine that will prevent you from getting infected by the virus. The vaccines have a wide range of benefits such as reducing the risk of getting infected, avoiding being hospitalized, and it reduces the risk of flu-related deaths in kids. So, why should you get the influenza vaccine?

The Reasons Why You Should Get an Annual Flu Vaccine

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There are various reasons why you should get the vaccine, however, the most important reasons include:

1. The Virus is More Serious Than You Might Think

According to the experts from, more than 200.000 people in America are hospitalized every year for diseases connected to the flu. And, as previously mentioned, it can be deadly. There are specific groups of adults that have a higher risk of getting seriously ill after getting the flu. The groups include people that have diabetes and asthma, people with heart disease and the ones who had a stroke, people older than 60, pregnant women, people with AIDS, as well as people who have cancer.

2. Getting the Vaccine is the Most Effective Way to Prevent Illnesses Caused by the Flu

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The Center for Disease Control estimated that the vaccine reduces the risk of developing illnesses that are related to the influenza virus by 61%. As mentioned above, each flu season is different from one another, hence, the effectiveness of the vaccine might vary, but generally speaking, it will lower the risk of someone developing a serious disease.

3. Keep in Mind That You Should Get a Shot That Fits Your Age

There are various vaccines that you can get, however, the one you will receive is based mostly on your age and other factors such as previous or current illnesses. There are some vaccines that can be given to everyone, but there are others who are specifically created to fit an appropriate age group. The quadrivalent vaccine is the most common and widely available one, and most doctors will recommend people to get this vaccine.

4. The Vaccine You Got Last Year Will Not Protect You This Year

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There are a few reasons why you should get a new shot every year. The most obvious reason is that your immune system’s response to the shot declines over time, hence, you will need to get another shot to have protection. Also, the influenza virus is always changing, so the strains that are covered in the shot are reviewed and adjusted every year.


As you can see, there are various reasons why you should consider getting a flu shot. Not only will it keep you protected, but it will keep everyone you come in contact protected as well.

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