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Destiny 2 Guide – How to Progress Easily While Playing

If you are new to the world of Destiny 2, you will probably want to dive into the game as soon as you can. And, you will find that there is a lot of things that Destiny 2 has to offer. There are so many things to understand and learn, especially if you are a lapsed or a new player. While there are a lot of familiar things going on, there are also a lot of new ideas and tweaks that can get you lost in the chaos of punching space demons. That is why, in this article, you will be able to read how to progress easily while playing this game. Let’s take a look:

Check you Stats Quickly to Tweak Your Loadout

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On your gear screen, hold down the L2 button or whatever button you are using on your computer to see all your stats. This will allow you to see everything about them without needing to select each of them individually. Being able to see all the stats and numbers will maximize your loadout quicker.

Learn Your Way Around the Farm Quickly

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Once you have reached the EDZ in the campaign, you will be able to find the Farm – which is Destiny 2’s new social area. Of course, it is not the first game’s Tower, and since it is a bit ramshackle, it might look a bit confusing at first. You should bring up your Ghost to tag all the points of interest and vendors which will make it easier for you to learn the layout.

The Hunter’s Arcstrider Ability has Combos

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The Hunter’s Arcstrider Ability allows you to carve up your enemies with a giant electric shock. While it is easy to just randomly combine different buttons and laugh when your enemies dissolve into sparks, there are variations and combos to this carnage. The combination of buttons include:

R1 (or your melee input on your PC) – is a basic slash.

R2 (or your grenade input on your PC) – is a slash that can also fire an arc beam.

1) R1+R1+R1 – is a basic single attack combo that will end with the stick hitting the ground to gain some area damage.

2) R1+R1+R2 – this will finish the combo with a blast of energy.

3) R1, then R2 – this is an uppercut attack that is useful against powerful enemies.

4) R2 while in the air – lands an attack on the ground that has a large damage area

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Ensure that You Use Energy Weapons Properly and Swap Them When Needed

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The biggest changes to the game are new Energy, Kinetic, and Power weapons. It allows you to use whatever weapon you want in each slot, however, the most important thing to remember is the Energy guns. They can wear down enemy shield faster than other weapon and if you match the color of your gun damage type to the shield, it will pop with an area of effect damage that will hurt all surrounding enemies.

Do Not Forget the New Class Abilities

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Destiny 2 now gives all the classes an extra ability if you hold or double press crouch. It is quite easy to forget about them early on, however, you should not. Not only are they extremely useful, but they also change a couple of the key Guardian roles. Here are the options:

1) Warlock (hold crouch)

– Healing Rift – makes a circle of light that can heal anyone inside.

– Empowering Rift – makes a circle of light that can buff everyone’s damage

2) Hunter (double click crouch)

– Marksman’s Dodge – a directional dodge that can reload the gun you are using.

– Gambler’s Dodge – a directional dodge that will refill your melee energy.

3) Titan (hold crouch)

– Towering Barricade – a large shield that you can use to block off a large area.

– Rally Barricade – a smaller shield that can make a tactical barricade and reload weapons when you get behind it.


The five tips from this article are the best ways for leveling up quickly in Destiny 2. Hence, do not waste any more time, and continue playing and enjoying the game.

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