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Escape from Tarkov: All Cards with Exit and Loot

In Escape from Tarkov, you choose a map on which you want to play and loot for the next few minutes. In order not to lose all the valuable items, in the end, you urgently need to search for the extraction points or exits – and just don’t die when you search! People often use pwp.legionfarm.
There are currently four maps that you can select in Escape from Tarkov Team Finder. As the game is still in beta, more areas will gradually become available. You can also see them on the menu. Here you will also be shown whether they are available or not. Each card has several exits, which we want to show you below.

All cards from Escape from Tarkov

In Escape from Tarkov, you play directly in Tarkov and try to get out, as the title says. At the beginning of each round, you choose your loot and then embark on an adventure. We recommend that you practice as a beginner on Customs. There is a hidden offline mode here where you don’t lose your inventory if you die.

How to get there:

  • Starts at the main menu from Escape from Tarkov.
  • Choose Escape from Tarkov to get to the character selection.
  • Click on your character and confirm with Next.
  • Goes to Customs and back to Next.
  • Before you load the raid, you can make settings below. Makes a checkmark next to Enable Offline Mode and Enable PvE.
  • Next, you now come to the raid.

If you have let off steam in the offline raids in Customs, we recommend the factory. This map is very small and clear. You will find your way around relatively quickly. Be sure to play with headphones to hear the footsteps around you. If you buy a card from the dealer, you can choose your spawn point at the start of the raid. However, the cards cost at least 10,000 rubles.

“Interchange” card in detail

The south of Interchange is an important transport station of Tarkov, which connects the port and the industrial outskirts. The main base of the EMERCOM evacuation is located in the center.

  • Players: 10 to 14
  • Significant buildings: In the center is the ULTRA shopping mall, with the furniture store IDEA, ironmongery called OLI, and the grocery store Goshen.
  • Important items: In the underground parking garage of the mall, you will find the KIBA key for the shop and the MES key for the medicine station in an ambulance outside the building.
  • Tips: The best thing to do is move through the mall armed with a hatchet, especially since the underground car park is very winding and you shouldn’t make too many noises. Because on the first floor, near the escalators, there is the Boss Killa. Long-range weapons are more suitable for the rest of the map.

“Customs” card in detail

Customs is the map you should play if you are new to Escape from Tarkov Team Finder. There is an offline mode here, where you lose nothing when you die. There are many forests, but also buildings and factories that you can explore.

  • Players: 7 to 12
  • Significant Buildings: There are two buildings in the north, the “Dorms”. There are lots of rooms and many more keys and loot to pick up here. In addition, many quests take place here. The military checkpoint is full of scams. However, you have to go here if you don’t have a factory key and want to go to the exits.
  • Important items: There are countless keys to be found in the dorms. The coveted factory key can also be found here.
  • Tips: If you want to go to the northern dorms, you should bring a melee weapon, since the corridors and rooms are very narrow here. The rest of the map is designed for a medium distance. Near the bridge, you will find an elevated spot called Construction. From here you have your sights on the river and the bridge.

“Factory” card in detail

This area is the smallest – until now. You play in an abandoned factory that has several floors. Players often use this map to farm loot.

  • Players: 4 to 6
  • Significant buildings: –
  • Important items: The factory exit key and a door key can be found here.
  • Tips: If you don’t want to lose any important equipment, we suggest you go through the factory armed with an ax. Move slowly, make no noise, and strike in close combat. The factory is a popular card, especially for beginners. The majority of the SCAVs are equipped with shotguns. To survive, you should either not let them get shot or take a strong vest with you.

Map “Woods” in detail

The name already says it. Endless forests and a large lake await you here. This map is U-shaped and is intended to represent a nature reserve that has been protected by the government.

  • Players: 6 to 12
  • Significant Buildings: There are two bunkers on the map that are underground.
  • Important items: Yotota Car Key and the key for bunker ZB-014.
  • Tips: This card is extensive. SCAVs spawn in the woods, so you should not only move carefully but also take weapons with you for long distances. Riflescopes take you further here.

“Shoreline” map in detail

The shoreline is the largest map so far that it offers everything for you. In addition to an abandoned village, forests, factory-like structures, and beaches, there is also a huge wellness resort in the north. So far you cannot buy a map from the Shorelines dealer. However, there are some fans of the game who have drawn some of them themselves.

  • Players: 8 to 13
  • Significant Buildings: There are some buildings on this large map. An abandoned village in the west, a weather station, and a gas station, as well as boat docks. The center in the north is the resort. This is an area with many related buildings.
  • Important items: –
  • Tips: Pay attention to the different surfaces. So there are swamps on Shoreline in which you not only move more slowly – the sounds you make are also louder. To get to an exit here, you just have to shimmy along the edge of the map. At the lighthouse on the coast is an extraction point, while you will find another exit at a bunker. You can find good loot in the trunk of police cars. So search these.

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