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Escape from Tarkov Coaching: Improve your Skill Today with EFT Coaching – 2024 Guide

Freelance first-person shooter action Escape from Tarkov has built a very loyal fan base in recent months thanks to the huge demand everywhere in the world. So we can guess the cause for the popularity of this game. EFT is gaining more and more potential players every day, of every …

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Here are the Best-selling games During Coronavirus Outbreak

As expected, the COVID-19 outbreak had a huge impact on the gaming industry. Many annual events were canceled, many long-anticipated gaming titles were delayed, while game development studios had to adjust their work schedule and start working from home. But alongside these negatives, there were a few positives too. For …

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Escape from Tarkov: All Cards with Exit and Loot

In Escape from Tarkov, you choose a map on which you want to play and loot for the next few minutes. In order not to lose all the valuable items, in the end, you urgently need to search for the extraction points or exits – and just don’t die when …

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