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The Best 3 Types of Pools for Your Home

If you have been thinking about getting an in-ground swimming pool for your home, now is the best time to act. A lot of pool contractors offer great discounts for their pools when are purchased late in the summer or early the spring because during these periods their business is usually pretty slow. If you have trouble deciding what type of pool would be perfect for your home and backyard, we have made a quick guide to help you understand everything about the different types of pool.


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While concrete pools are the most expensive type of pool, they are also the most popular. They are usually called Shotcrete or Gunite pools. Concrete pools got these nicknames because the builders pump wet concrete through a hose and then shoot it from a gun on the steel-reinforced walls. Once the concrete is cured, it is plastered, troweled, smooth and finally painted.

The benefits of having a concrete pool Are that I can be formed to any shape or size for a truly custom pool. It usually takes between five and ten weeks to properly install a concrete pool. This may be the longest installation time when compared to other types, but concrete is considered to be the most durable and the strongest of pools. And unlike the other in-ground pools, existing concrete pools can be refinished, enlarged, updated or rebuilt at any time.


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Factory-molded into giant bowl-shaped shells, which are then set In the dug up hole in a backyard by a crane. And while shapes and sizes are kind of limited, the big advantage that fiberglass pools have over other types is that it can be installed in just a few days. It is also the most affordable type of pool.

Another great advantage of fiberglass pools is that they have a smooth gel-coat finish that is very durable and nonporous, so these pools need far less chemical than concrete pools. But before you decide for a fiberglass pool, be sure you have enough spaces in your backyard for a crane to enter and maneuver around. They are most also be free of any overhead power lines or wires.

IF you are interested in installing a fiberglass pool in your home, we recommend that you check out LocalPools.


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Vinyl-lined pools are the second most popular type of pool, and their numbers keep on growing. Each pool is made from a one-piece of the flexible liner that fits into the newly dug hole and then is attached to an aluminum or steel-framed wall. Vinyl pools come in a limited number of shapes and sizes. Most of them are rectangular, but freeform and L-shape liners are also available. An average size vinyl pool can be installed in just one or two weeks.

The biggest problem with vinyl-lined pools is that pointy toys, sharp animal nails (dog or cat) and other sharp objects can puncture or rip the liner. Damaged liners can be fixed for a cheap price, but you would have to drain the pool every time you want a fix. Paying extra for a more heavy-duty liner that is at least 15mm thick is a good idea.

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