5 Inspiring Kitchen Decor & DIY Ideas To Try In 2024

The kitchen is a place to cook delicious meals, laugh, and enjoy spending time with family and friends, and as such should be decorated to inspire good energy, beautiful food and beautiful memories.

Do you like to look at the latest magazines for home design and decoration, but you still don’t have the time or budget for a complete renovation? Here are some quick and easy tips on decorating your kitchen – how to give this place in your home energy and a store-like look.

1. Decorate Walls With Plates


There isn’t a single place in your home where decorative plates will look so natural, then in the kitchen or a dining room. All the plates can be different, some are brought as souvenirs from your travels, and some are bought at antique shops and various auctions. And they can be in exactly the same style, but in different colors.

If you use expensive plates that have a special value for you as a decoration on the wall of your kitchen, they will surely lift your mood every time you look at them! Isn’t that a great idea? Attach them directly to the wall in your dining room or place them on wooden shelves or on plate holders.

If you feel like creating something yourself, designers from suggest buying a set of ceramic paint markers and doing some drawing. Make your own set of decorative plates, everyone will envy you for having them.

2. Pot Plants

Potted plants, mostly medicinal herbs, are not only a wall decoration, but are also an excellent and functional item for any kitchen. Attach a wooden board with metal pot holders to the wall – insert the pots into them and cover the rest of the space with a blackboard or smaller chalk drawing tiles to write the names of the plants you have.

Another idea is to put the dishes in decorative boxes which you will then hang separately on the wall, one below the other or one next to the other. You can also use metal shelves for the wall, the options are really plenty!

This way you will always have fresh greenery, and fresh greenery will enliven the space, isn’t that a dream? It can have a special purpose too if you wish to plant spice herbs.

3. Kitchen Accessories


You can convert old accessories into “cool” art wall pieces. Paint them in any way you want, and attach them to the walls or to a framed board to create unique artwork of your own. You can also use several larger decorative accessories that can be attached to the walls and combine them with various signs and objects.

It can be a great decoration for any place to eat. You can also use drawers and pots – just attach them to the wall for a bold look!

4. Black Board

A can of black paint for writing and drawing with chalk is cheap and is a great way to change and decorate the wall in your kitchen. Black is a bold, attractive wall color and the perfect background for chalk art that is very popular but also a lot of fun.

If you don’t have enough space on the wall, the surface of the door or closet is another great board that can even serve as a “menu” for dinner. Don’t forget the layers. An open shelf or picture gallery on a black surface adds a unique look to your new, inspired kitchen walls.

5. DIY Combinations


Aim for something unusual and attractive! Create your own wall decor using various DIY tutorials from YouTube or other websites. Combine various signs, utensils, herbs, plates, or antique mirrors in the way you like best to create a unique wall decor or some other kitchen decoration! Get inspired!

As you can see, all these ideas we’ve suggested do not require a huge budget or a lot of work. But on the other hand, inspire you creatively, to leave a special, personalized touch in your favorite room. However, before you set out to decorate, here are some useful tips to follow:

Find inspiration for your kitchen

Before you start anything, the most important thing is to find inspiration to make the best decision. Use magazines, interior design portals, or social media to get decorating ideas.

Choose the appropriate form of kitchen

The next task is to compare different forms of kitchens, i.e. whether the line kitchen is the best for your space, the one in the shape of the letter L or P, the kitchen with the hanging elements, or the one without them. Think carefully about which shape best fits your kitchen space. Take care of whether you just prepare food in the kitchen or you want it to be both a space for serving and socializing. The square footage of the kitchen itself will play a big role in that.


Be sure to consider the budget you have

If you want to avoid problems when decorating, before starting anything it is necessary to take into account the budget you have. In case you intend to spend some time in the current space, do not save, but invest in better and more expensive decor and maybe some more furniture. Keep in mind that some unforeseen costs are possible, a completely normal thing in almost every makeover. It’s easy to get carried away.

If you follow these three valuable tips, your kitchen will shine, and you will surely enjoy it every day. Not only you but both you and your family. After all, most of family life revolves around preparing and serving meals, therefore it may be the most important room in your entire home. You deserve to feel inspired, happy, satisfied, and everything else you want to be feeling like when spending time there.

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