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4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Newborn Baby Gift basket- 2024 Guide

Newborn baby baskets are a perfect gift for the new parents. Usually, it’s a combination of useful items and some unique and personalized presents. There is some classic stuff that every baby basket has, and parents need, like diapers, blankets, and stuffed toys. Throwing in a few special gifts can make your mom & baby basket a thing to remember. With so many baby hampers out there it could be hard to pick the right one, let alone to make one yourself. If you don’t have any time or enough creativity to create your own original one, you can check out where you’ll find the vast varieties of unique baby baskets.

If you want to take on the challenge of making a baby basket with a personal touch, here are some guidelines that might help you with the project.

Choose a hamper

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A logical first step would be to purchase a basket. Think about the size, and the color, whether you want it to be plastic, wicker or wooden, with a handle or not, blue or pink or maybe neutral color, etc. The hampers come in three regular sizes: small, medium, and large, but whichever you choose make sure that the basket is not too deep or otherwise you won’t be able to see the gifts inside. Some baby baskets come with the lining which would be a good choice since they fit perfectly, or if you really have the time, you can purchase an empty hamper and add the lining of your choice.


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Decorating a hamper is where all your creativity can come to light. Personalized lining with a baby name and the bow to hold it is a nice touch. Ribbons should be made out of linen, not the plastic shiny ones since the hamper will probably be used for a long time and it needs to be durable. Throw in some shredded paper to fill in the bottom, and to add some decorations. On the outside of the basket you can attach paper or wooden decorations in the shape of the heart, or a pacifier, that will have baby’s name engraved, or some nice quote. You can also purchase them already made, or you can write something by yourself. Last, buy some plastic wrappers with patterns that will match the color of the lining and the gifts inside.

The gifts

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Now, the most important things – what to put in the basket? First, ensure that you have at least 4 to 5 gifts inside and that they match the colors of the lining. Do not mix many different colors, two to three will do it. There are some gifts that every new parent will appreciate, and here they are.

  • A muslin – this is one of the basics that every new mom and dad will need. Uses are basically limitless due to its high-absorbent material. Often, it’s used as a burp cloth, nursing blanket, to shield baby from the sun, a changing mat cover, a bib, comforter, and many other uses that parents will come up as they go. Put at least the package of three muslins since these are going to be used for a long time, many times a day. They are practical, gentle, and durable which makes them one of the perfect gifts.
  • Onesies – new parents will go through dozens of baby bodysuits in the first year only. They are used as tops, as pajamas, for playtime, and almost every other occasion. Super-practical suits are the essential thing to have when the new baby arrives. If you can, buy at least five, but preferably more. They are not expensive, but they make a perfect gift. Try not to buy dark colors since these bodysuits are going to be washed in high temperatures many times; white preferably.
  • Hats – babies wear cotton hats even in the warm weather. They need to be snuggled all the time so that they’re not cold in the first place, but it also gives them a sense of safety and security. Two or three light-colored cotton hats would be enough. There are many sets available for purchase if you need to save some time, that includes onesies, a hat, and a bib.
  • Bathing – this is needed from day one, and a lot of it, so you can buy as much as you can. It should include baby wipes, shampoo, baby bath soap, baby oil or lotion, rash cream, and everything else you can find in a baby aisle. If you can, buy organic products, or choose the ones that don’t have any harmful chemicals.
    Grooming – yes, babies need grooming accessories too. Nail clippers, soft brushes, cotton buds, sunscreen lotions, and so on. Aside from this, you can add some activity toys that will keep baby busy while mom or dad are doing the grooming and bathing. These are tooth rings (try to get the ones that can go in the freezer for a few minutes, since cool toys will soothe toothaches), rattles, and musical toys. There are toys specially designed to soothe baby to sleep, with light blue lights, quiet music, and bubble sounds; very effective and helpful for new parents.
  • Useful gifts – these are not especially interesting but they are necessary and easy to forget among all the excitement surrounding the birth. One of those gifts is a baby thermometer, something that parents will remember at the moment they need it. With this, throw in some bottles, bibs, bath sponges, and hooded baby gowns.

Don’t forget the mom

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It would be very thoughtful to get something for the exhausted mom too. Since she won’t be able to go out for some time, get her some pampering stuff that she can use at home. Face masks, creams, foot massager, spa gift cards that are good for the next 6 months at least, bathrobe, and everything else that might make her first year a bit easier. You can include some treats, like chocolates, or maybe some books about mom’s and babies’ first year. She will be happy that you remembered her.

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