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What to Do if you Lose your Car Keys and Have no Spare – 2024 Guide

Losing your car keys is something that can be very frustrating, especially if you have to use your vehicle immediately to reach a certain destination. Whether it’s going to work or taking your kids to school, when you’re in a rush, you need to get inside your car.

However, people often make mistakes and forget things, and sometimes these “things’ happen to be our only pair of car keys. Usually, people have spare ones lying around in their homes somewhere, but you can easily find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the spare ones.

It’s quite frustrating to experience something like this, but it’s not a good time to panic or rage, although the situation calls for it. Fortunately, in this article, we are going to give you some useful advice on how to deal with this problem that can happen to anyone.

If you are currently experiencing something like this, or you just want to learn how to deal with such a scenario if you ever get into one, feel free to keep on reading until the end. Let’s begin.

Go easy on yourself

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We know that in similar situations, people tend to blame themselves for the mistake they’ve made. Although it is your fault that you’ve lost the keys, you should still go easy on yourself, because being angry doesn’t help in any way. When you are calm, you can think more clearly, which can sometimes even lead to finding the item that you’ve lost.

Try to remember

If you think only about the keys, and where they might be, you won’t have very good results. A very common “trick” is to start replaying the entire day in your head, going through each one of the things that you’ve done. Start from the very beginning and slowly move up to the present time, and this will increase your chances to remember where was the point where you lost them. Then you’ll simply return to the location and find them.

Do this if it’s very urgent

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If the situation is very urgent, and you need to get to a hospital, for example, you’ll have to break into your car, and then fix the damage later. You can do this by breaking the window, but you’ll have some trouble starting the engine unless you are very experienced with cars. This is not the optimal way of dealing with the problem, but if someone’s life depends on it, you shouldn’t think twice.

How much does it cost to get a replacement?

You are probably wondering how much money you’ll have to spend on a new replacement since you lost your current ones, and you don’t have the spare pair anymore. Well, it depends based on multiple things. First of all, it depends on the locksmith you’re going to choose. Second, it depends on your living location, and third, it depends on your car model.

Some luxurious cars are much more difficult to create a key for, but it’s still doable with the right locksmith. If you are experiencing something like this at the moment, feel free to visit Diamondback Lock and Key, and you might find just the service you need.

We cannot tell the exact price because a lot of factors are going to have an impact over it, so the best way to know this is to contact your locksmith.

Contact the police

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A lot of people think that the police should only be contacted if something serious is going on, such as a robbery or an assault, but that’s not true. If you are suspecting that someone might’ve stolen your car and now they’re going to do something wrong with it, it’s much better to let them know before it happens. Of course, this type of situation is really “unique”, but if you are suspecting something like this, let them know.

Contact the lost & found service

If you think that your keys are lost at a certain location, such as a stadium or a bank, those places usually have a lost and found section, a group of people that are responsible to collect all lost items and return them to their owners. You can always contact them to check if your items are there, in this scenario your keys, and get them back safely. The chances of this happening are pretty slim, but it’s always worth trying.

Try looking for them

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It’s always a bad thing to lose something as important as car keys, but you can correct your mistake by spending some time to find them. Go back to all the previous locations where you were on the day you lost them, and by carefully checking, you might be able to get them back.

Catch a cab

If you’re done looking, and you think that you did everything you can to get them back, but you’re unable to, catching a taxi to still reach your destination is always a good thing to do. If you have to be at work, but you have no ride, the bus might be a slower option that won’t get you there on time. Simply catch a cab and deal with the problem a bit later after you get back from work.

Order new ones

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This might not be the fastest solution, but if you have another car, and some extra time on your hands that you can spare, ordering new keys from your car manufacturer is always a great option. You will get original models, which is an amazing thing, but it might cost a bit more compared to the other options on this list. Also, it won’t be a quick solution, meaning that you’ll have to find something to do in the meanwhile.


If you ever lose the keys to your vehicle, there are a lot of things that you can do to still be able to reach your destinations. Feel free to use all of the methods we mentioned above on our list if you want to minimize the time you’re left without a vehicle.

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